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April is Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

The 2015 campaign will focus on early intervention and prevention of teen drinking.

Dealing with your child's addiction

Dealing with your child's addiction

One veteran parents shares her tips for surviving the tough times.

How to handle a loved one's treatment

How to handle a loved one's treatment

Going to rehab can be scary for the addict, but what about the people who are left behind?

Recognizing the signs of a loved one's relapse

Recognizing the signs of a loved one's relapse

How to cope - and help - when someone you love is on the brink.

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

How one man's passion for sports grew into a recovery network.

Go ahead, get angry

Go ahead, get angry

Acknowledging your emotions - even the ugly ones - is an important part of recovery.

What has recovery taught you?

What has recovery taught you?

Getting sober can be a prickly process. Here's what a few of Renew's regulars have learned along the way.

Running toward recovery

Running toward recovery

Recovering alcoholics and addicts are sneakering up as part of their programs as they participate in Running for Recovery in Sioux Falls, S.D.

'All of a sudden I loved myself.'

'All of a sudden I loved myself.'

How Kay White learned that lesson and how she is helping other women do the same.

Global Recovery

Global Recovery

It's no secret that addiction can affect anyone, anywhere. What can we learn about treating addiction from cultures around the globe?

Questions, answers and unknowns

Questions, answers and unknowns

Defining your spiritual beliefs – or even choosing to explore them – can be a daunting prospect. Here’s how to get started.


Latest News


Study: Up to 30 percent of prescription pain killers are misused

A new study has found that between 20 and 30 percent of drugs prescribed to treat chronic pain are misused.
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Investigation finds army substance abuse program 'in disarray'

An investigation by USA Today has found that the Army’s substance abuse program is failing the people it is meant to help, resulting in countless missed...
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New N.H. drug czar talks economic cost of addiction

The new director for substance misuse and behavioral health in New Hampshire is urging people to look beyond the headlines to understand the real economic...
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Treatment Center


McLean Hospital opens treatment center in Maine

McLean Hospital, the largest psychiatric affiliate of Harvard Medical School, has officially opened the doors of McLean Borden Cottage, a residential substance...
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New online support group offered for Veterans, military personnel

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is launching a new online support meeting available for free to U.S. veterans and active military personnel everywhere.
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Florida 6k will fund addiction awareness

Heroes in Recovery, a movement celebrating the heroic efforts of those who seek addiction and mental health treatment, is hosting a family-friendly 6K...
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Celebrity Spotlight


Jon Hamm leaves rehab

Jon Hamm, who is famous for playing the heavy-drinking Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men, recently completed rehab from alcoholism.​
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‘Wonder Woman’ fights alcoholism, stigma

Actress Lynda Carter, best known for playing Wonder Woman in the 1970’s, is opening up about her alcoholism and her 18 years of recovery.
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Demi Lovato celebrates 3 years sober

Singer and former Disney star Demi Lovato celebrated three years in sobriety this week.
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Voices of Recovery

Sobriety Junkie: My Hope for Her

Headshot_1By Greg Kayko || She's in high heels ... and a black skirt and a black and white check blazer and a white blouse.  I would guess her in her 40's or 50's at a glance, and, if it were any given weekday morning, I would have guessed her to be on her way in to work. But as I pass by and glance back in my rearview mirror, my somewhat rusty but never completely dormant alcoholic mind kicks in and clarifies everything. Read More.... ..


By Andrew Sullivan || When I decided to get sober, I jumped whole-heartedly into my new heathly lifestyle. I loved recovery, and everything was going great - until it wasn't. Read More.... ..



Confronting Cross-addiction

unnamedBy Lauren Stahl ||  My lack of acceptance of these problems led to me not accepting myself. And that led me to feeling hopeless, powerless, and unworthy. My addictions fed off of these bad feelings Read More.... ..

Overcoming the fear of Step 5


By Jim Jensen || I started thinking about actually sitting with someone I had never seen in my life and telling him all the things (well, almost all the things) I had done “wrong,” I got a little sick to my stomach.  Read More.... ..




Creating a life on purpose


By Margi Taber || Today I was reminded about turning our perspective into our reality. I had been reading a few Facebook postings from others, noting that they did not want to return to work following their long holiday break.  I remember those days so well; being unenthusiastic to embrace the reality of returning to work after a few days off – that is, until I didn’t have a job to return toRead More.... ..



Be Inspired Every Day

"If there's one thing I've learned in Alanon, it's that you have to face the music, because it just grows louder when you ignore it.

- Vicki Covington



Clean Living


Harris_Stratyner_-_Square By Dr. Harris Stratyner, Ph.D || Life certainly was made for living  on a moment by moment basis. The existential dilemmas we encounter can lead to a nihilistic view or one of true optimism - the difference perhaps is related to genetics, biochemistry, the social and political zeitgeist, luck or lack there of, and myriad other phenomena.... Read More...

Understanding gambling addiction
  GuarnottaLike drugs and alcohol, some people can manage to gamble in moderation.Then there is the select group, just like with drinkers, who cannot seem to maintain the same control. Read More...   


HortonBy Michelle Horton || If you've ever been stuck in a hard place, wondering the right thing or the best thing to do, it helps to shift perspectives. Read More...

Leo_picture By Rev. Leo Booth || My journey has brought me from traditional Christianity to a metaphysical philosophy that recognizes a powerful divinity existing within each person... Read More...
Joan_headshotBy Joan E. Childs || Just got dumped?  Filed for divorce? Found out your honey had another on the side?  No good guys or gals in sight? 
Don’t worry!  Being solo for a while might be a refreshing surprise. Read More...


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