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Addicted to the win

Addicted to the win

There are no illicit substances involved, but gambling addiction can be just as devastating as using drugs or alcohol.

Practice Imperfect

Practice Imperfect

Is quitting part of your nature? Here’s how to choose a path to success and stick with it.

From shameful, to mindful

From shameful, to mindful

How to retrain your brain and buoy your spirit

Five health tests you need now

Five health tests you need now

Addiction takes a toll on your body. Now that you’re in recovery, it’s time to check up on your overall health.

The power to say ‘No’

The power to say ‘No’

When Amber Smith made the choice to get sober, she didn’t realize that cleaning up her drug addiction was just the first step. Only when she acknowledged her codependence was she able to make meaningful changes to her life.

 In Recovery, too

In Recovery, too

The children’s program at the Betty Ford Center aims to break the cycle of addiction, one child at a time.

The Cowboy Way

The Cowboy Way

Lee McCormick is breaking the mold with his unique brand of recovery

The way of the future

The way of the future

Can brain imaging help treat addiction?

Renew: The adolescent issue

Renew: The adolescent issue

The latest issue of Renew Magazine explores the challenges faced by the youngest members of the recovery community, plus plenty more.

Getting on the Wagon for #14Days

Getting on the Wagon for #14Days

Take the next 14 days to stand strong with your loved ones and even those you do not know who struggle with the disease of addiction.” #14Days, sobriety initiative launches today, and invites everyone to stand in solidarity around recovery.

Go beyond your wildest dreams

Go beyond your wildest dreams

A (sober) trip to Bali was the perfect way for this author to repair herself


Latest News


Study: gambling addicts release fewer endorphins than healthy individuals

Gambling addicts release fewer endorphins than healthy individuals, according to a new study
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First case of internet addiction diagnosed

A thirty-one year old Navy serviceman is the first person to be diagnosed with an internet addiction, according to a new study
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Senators want stricter warnings on e-cigs

Six senators have written to the F.D.A. asking for stronger warnings on electronic cigarettes, explicitly saying that the devices contain nicotine.
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Treatment Center


Hazelden renames women’s recovery center to honor Betty

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has rename its women’s recovery center to honor former First Lady Betty Ford.
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Did you ever think your occupation could affect your drinking or drug use?

Did you ever think your occupation could affect your drinking or drug use? Or is it the other way around, where you chose a certain career because it allowed...
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Cumberland Heights launches recovery month you-tube series

Cumberland Heights, a private treatment center in the Nashville, Tenn. area, has launched a you-tube segment to complement the message of National Recovery...
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Celebrity Spotlight


Shadoe Stevens celebrates 30 years sober

Radio personality Shadoe Stevens is celebrating three decades of sobriety.
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Michael Phelps enters treatment after DUI

Superstar swimmer Michael Phelps will be entering a treatment program following his arrest last week on DUI charges.
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Robert Downey Jr. discusses getting ‘out of that cave’

Robert Downey Jr. opens up to Vanity Faire in the October edition his past struggles with addiction, which led to rehab, arrest and imprisonment.
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Voices of Recovery

sp_mccormicklBy Lee McCormick || Rain started falling just before we boarded. The clouds had been moving around all morning as we spent most the day walking the streets of Mexico City.
Burch_PhotoBy Kelly Burch ||Sometimes I think it’s a bit funny that as the editor of a Recovery magazine, I’m not actually in recovery myself. I’m passionate about living well, and I have dealt with addiction (many times) in my own family, but I’ve never known the feeling of being powerless to a substance. Read More.... .
Betsey.effect By Betsey DeGree ||  It was never going to be my last 8-ball until I got help. I was lucky:  I could see a bottom rushing up to me that I didn't want to hit. So I decided I needed treatment. Read More.... ..
1_a_mckennaBy Debra McKenna || The theme for National Recovery Month is “Joining the voices of recovery: speaking up, reaching out.”   Read More.... ..
Kris By Super Star || In this 25th year of Recovery Month it seems especially fitting that I reflect on where I am now and where I was then -- in active addiction. Read More.... ..
  Headshot_1 By Greg Kayko ||
Just the other day one of the men I sponsor (let's call him My Guy) wanted to know if he should encourage one of the men he sponsors... Read More..
april By April Pfrogner || A sad farewell to a man who helped my son, and many other men, get their lives back. Read More.... ..


Be Inspired Every Day

"We must learn our limits. We are all something, but none of us are everything."

- Blaise Pascal



Clean Living

Be Aware of the Noise and the Tools at Hand

Harris_Stratyner_-_Square By Dr. Harris Stratyner, Ph.D || When you think of all the things we hear when we turn on our car radios, or when we watch TV, or when we listen to a podcast, or perhaps just in conversation with friends and colleagues, we begin to realize how stressfull life can be.   Read More...


HortonBy Michelle Horton || If you've ever been stuck in a hard place, wondering the right thing or the best thing to do, it helps to shift perspectives. Read More...

Leo_picture By Rev. Leo Booth || My journey has brought me from traditional Christianity to a metaphysical philosophy that recognizes a powerful divinity existing within each person... Read More...
Joan_headshotBy Joan E. Childs || Just got dumped?  Filed for divorce? Found out your honey had another on the side?  No good guys or gals in sight? 
Don’t worry!  Being solo for a while might be a refreshing surprise. Read More...
Rock in Recovery: Songs for sober listeners
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