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“There’s nothing to do but think about making yourself a better person.”

“There’s nothing to do but think about making yourself a better person.”

Seventeen-year-old Jake Giffin faced addiction at an early age and won, thanks to time in the wild and the support of his sober community.

Bringing biology to the forefront

Bringing biology to the forefront

Scientists are closer than ever to understanding the biological basis for addiction, and what they are discovering may just change the face of recovery.

Fearing the feast

Fearing the feast

Americans love Thanksgiving. But for someone with an eating disorder, the holiday can be stressful and overwhelming.

Schooled in sobriety

Schooled in sobriety

There’s no doubt that partying is a favorite activity among high-school and college students. But now, more and more schools are embracing sobriety, and setting their students on the road to recovery.

Learning and healing in the great outdoors

Learning and healing in the great outdoors

Wilderness therapy programs provide hands-on interventions for adolescents and young adults in recovery

Sobriety: Getting close and personal

Sobriety: Getting close and personal

A good stiff drink is a go-to societal solution for staving off awkward silences in the dating scene. But what if you're drinking Diet Coke?

Election Results 2014:

Election Results 2014:

Washington D.C., Oregon legalize pot, Florida rejects medical marijuana

Up in smoke

Up in smoke

With more states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use, the country needs to consider the real health affects of the drug.

9 Steps for Success

9 Steps for Success

From the high-profile CEO to the edgy entrepreneur, some people seem to be doing it all, without breaking a sweat. But really, they’ve tapped into a few key strategies that you can use, too.

When love isn’t enough

When love isn’t enough

When a child suffers through addiction many parents believe they can offer a quick fix. But it isn’t that simple.

From clutter to clarity

From clutter to clarity

Panicked by piles? Simple advice for taking charge by cutting down.


Latest News


Substance Abuse cost N.H. $1.85 billion in 2012

The startling cost of substance abuse has a new number. Researchers have calculated that substance abuse cost the state of New Hampshire $1.85 billion...
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Study: Biological treatment for cocaine addiction may be possible

Tampering with a receptor protein in the brain may be a way to treat cocaine addiction in the future, according to results from a recent study
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EEOC: It’s illegal to treat alcoholics differently

Employers can’t impose special rules on alcoholic employees, such as banning them from drinking or requiring drug testing, according to the Equal Employment...
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Treatment Center


New recovery center to serve licensed professionals

A new intensive outpatient rehabilitation program has opened in San Diego.
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First pilot convicted of DUI talks recovery

Lyle Prouse has a distinction that no one wants. In 1986, he became the first commercial airline pilot convicted under a law that made it illegal to operate...
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New documentary explores treatment industry

Vice media has released a new documentary, examining the $35 billion industry of drug treatment.
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Celebrity Spotlight


Pete Doherty pens letter about addiction

Rock ‘n’ roll and drugs are often a tight-knit pair. That was certainly the case for rocker Pete Doherty, of the British band the Libertines.
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Steven Tyler: ‘I’m fighting every day.’

Steven Tyler is still fighting addiction and alcoholism every day, he told a group of Drug Court graduates last Thursday.
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Herbie Hancock discusses cocaine addiction

Jazz musician Herbie Hancock managed to keep his cocaine addiction hidden when he was using, but he is telling all now in a new memoir, Possibilities....
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Voices of Recovery

Debunking the addiction story


By Tommy Rosen ||There is an extraordinary force that helps perpetuate all addiction. I call it the Addiction Story. This is the story you tell yourself that builds the case for continuing your addictive behavior. Read More.... ..




By Barb Schmidt ||I haven’t forgotten what it was like to be a teenager.I know very personally the feelings of being stressed out by schoolwork, after-school jobs, fluctuating relationships, family issues, and the whole gamut of life experiences that sometimes felt way too tough to handle. when. Read More.... ..



Continuing the Cycle - of Recovery


By Betsey DeGree ||  Being the mother of teens and tweens while in recovery is pretty much terrifying.  It is like waiting for a scary monster to come get you: you are sure it is coming, but you don’t know when. Read More.... ..


Breaking Bad, Or, Ending the "What Ifs"

  Headshot_1By Greg Kayko ||What is it about endings anyway? Why are they so difficult, even when they hold the promise of making our lives better?
KrisBy Super Star || Rekindling sobriety is an interesting topic that has been coming up in a few conversations lately, so I decided it was worth writing about. Read More.... ..
1_a_mckennaBy Debra McKenna || Last night I went to an A.A. meeting in a friend’s home, and we discussed a chapter in Wisdom to Recover By, the book we’re reading. Read More.....
sp_mccormicklBy Lee McCormick || Rain started falling just before we boarded. The clouds had been moving around all morning as we spent most the day walking the streets of Mexico City.
Burch_PhotoBy Kelly Burch ||Sometimes I think it’s a bit funny that as the editor of a Recovery magazine, I’m not actually in recovery myself. I’m passionate about living well, and I have dealt with addiction (many times) in my own family, but I’ve never known the feeling of being powerless to a substance. Read More.... .
april By April Pfrogner || A sad farewell to a man who helped my son, and many other men, get their lives back. Read More.... ..


Be Inspired Every Day

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. 

- Melody Beattie



Clean Living

Existential Angst and Addiction

Harris_Stratyner_-_Square By Dr. Harris Stratyner, Ph.D || First, we must understand that "existentialism" involves a philosophy that defines the meaning of life by what people do in life and the consequences of their actions... Read More...


HortonBy Michelle Horton || If you've ever been stuck in a hard place, wondering the right thing or the best thing to do, it helps to shift perspectives. Read More...

Leo_picture By Rev. Leo Booth || My journey has brought me from traditional Christianity to a metaphysical philosophy that recognizes a powerful divinity existing within each person... Read More...
Joan_headshotBy Joan E. Childs || Just got dumped?  Filed for divorce? Found out your honey had another on the side?  No good guys or gals in sight? 
Don’t worry!  Being solo for a while might be a refreshing surprise. Read More...
Rock in Recovery: Songs for sober listeners
  download_(2)Renew's list of tunes to add to your playlist. Check out the videos and start downloading. Read More...   


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