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Dear Friends,

Jim Moorhead, Publisher of Renew MediaRenew magazine and are the realization of a long-held dream of mine that began in a treatment center some years ago. My personal recovery journey really started with the concept of creating resources that would support me, my family and others new to recovery.

We often hear in Twelve Step meetings and the like that the process of recovery allows us to access our authentic selves and our true purpose. I believe that Renew and are a result of the clarity I have achieved through recovery.

It's the path I'm destined to take. In doing so, it is my hope that our readers and online guests will be encouraged to find their own paths.

Renew is full of the kind of information those in recovery need to build their life better. I know I speak for my editorial staff and myself when I say that we are honored to be even a small part of the journey.

At our re-launched, we bring you a roster of informed, provocative and entertaining bloggers. We'll be constantly updating content and providing new links and services so that our guests can have access to important news and events, relevant articles and, of course, one another!

Both Renew magazine and continue to inspire me in new ways every day. I hope the same holds true for our readers.

Be well,



James T. Moorhead

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