Follow Your Bliss is the blog of Ashley Webb Dane, a mother of two teenagers who has been in recovery for five years. She is committed to carrying the message of the spiritual aspect of recovery and the empowerment of women in recovery. She is a certified hypnotherapist, and is currently Director of Communications at ONE80CENTER, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Beverly Hills.

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Diane Cameron is an award-winning journalist and speaker on recovery and personal growth. She is the author of two personal blogs: “Out of the Woods”—for women in long-term recovery, and “Love in the Time of Cancer”—for couples and caregivers. Diane teaches on topics related to the history and politics of mental health and recovery. Her newspaper column on popular culture appears in the Albany Times Union and in newspapers across the country. “What Comes Next” offers ideas, suggestions and provocative perspectives for men and women who have 10-plus years of recovery and reveals the continued emotional and spiritual growth that occurs with long recovery.


Opinions, observations and ideas by occasional contributors to

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Dr. Nancy Sobel knows a thing or two about recovery. With 34 years of sobriety, she has built a fulfilling life in recovery. In addition, as a licensed psychologist practicing in Los Angeles, Sobel has helped dozens and dozens of other people in recovery find their own new passions. Sober living is anything but boring for Sobel, who incorporates equine, adventure and surf therapy into her own recovery and that of her clients. “I love days off and love thinking about how I want to spend it,” she said. “I’m always running, so when I do have some time I’m thrilled.”

Here, Renew catches up with Sobel to talk some of the favorite ways she, and you, can have a healthy blast this summer.

Last Post: Make the Most of Your Sober Summer - 7/23/2014

Renew publishes the experiences of our readers and community members in hopes that others will find fellowship and support in their experiences. 

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Kristen Black is the Interactive Media Coordinator for La Hacienda Treatment Center; she manages the company blog and social media intiatives. She has spoken at two national conferences - CCSAD and NAATP - about how treatment centers can utilize social media. Remarkably, Kristen graduated from TCU in 2000 with a bachelors of arts degree in marketing, all BEFORE getting sober. In August 2002, she admitted to La Hacienda, began her recovery journey and hasn't looked back. Four years later she came full circle and was hired as an employee. After hours she is a yogini, who recently completed her 200 hour RYT certification. Kristen lives in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, Kirby, and their three dogs.
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Bill Manville gets your questions about addiction answered in his blog, Addiction and Answers. He has been sober more than 20 years. “Cool, Hip & Sober,” his most recent work, has just been re-issued as an ebook, available at all online bookstores. A Book of the Month novelist too, Bill privately teaches “Writing To Get Published.” “Got any questions about addiction,” Bill says, “please email them to



Greg Kayko is the single father of two young children, the sponsor of half a dozen (or so) men in the Midwest, and an avid but painfully average golfer. A self-described sobriety junkie, Kayko is also a managing editor at a large national media company and author of Realtime Recovery: Where Sober is the New Black , a personal blog that celebrates the many ways we “trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.”

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I am trying not to live so hard. I have four children, two dogs, one husband, a tortoise and I'm a recovering addict/alcoholic. I am also the wife of an addict/alcoholic with PTSD. I am an unorganized perfectionist, who is being public with my struggle to save my own life, which in turn saves my family. I hope this helps. - Betsey 

You can learn more about Betsey at her website, Mom Off Meth.


Dan Griffin has worked in the mental-health and addictions field for 17 years. He is the author of A Man’s Way Through the 12 Steps (Hazelden), the first trauma-informed book taking a holistic look at men’s experience of recovery from addictions. He is also co-author of the groundbreaking curriculum, Helping Men Recover, the first trauma-informed curriculum to deal with men’s unique issues and needs.

Dan served as state drug court coordinator for the Minnesota Drug Court Initiative from 2002-2010. He has also worked in addictions research, case management, public advocacy, and counseling. In 2010, Dan started Griffin Recovery Enterprises for consultancy and training. 

Dan has been in recovery since 1994, and lives in Minneapolis with his wife and daughter.

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Dan Griffin leads Griffin Recovery Enterprises and is the author of "A Man’s Way Through the Twelve Steps." He co-authored "Helping Men Recover," the first comprehensive gender-responsive curriculum for men. He has worked in the field for over 15 years including  Minnesota state drug court coordinator and a CD counselor. He blogs on men’s issues in addiction treatment and recovery at and is on Twitter at TwelveStepsforMen. 

Jennie Ketcham is the author of I am Jennie, a blogger and a former porn star who began her recovery from sex addiction on VH1’s "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" and "Sober House with Dr. Drew" in 2009. She writes a popular blog,, about her new life as a writer, student and recovering alcoholic. She lives in Los Angeles.


Former CNN, MSNBC and Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue has taken another step in embracing her role as a champion of addiction recovery by joining Renew Media as Editor at Large. As Editor at Large, Dhue focuses on high-profile recovery advocates and the ways politics, public policy and media impact such recovery-related issues as parity, access to treatment, recovery education, drug policy, employment and criminal justice.

Last Post: The fight for parity - 11/14/2012

Jeff Zacharias is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor and Registered Dual Disorder Professional with several years of clinical experience in both the mental health and addictions field. As a therapist, Jeff offers a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment in order to explore individual needs with a commitment to placing the highest priority on your care. Owner of New Hope Recovery Center in Chicago, his areas of expertise include all forms of addiction, interventions, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex issues, self-injury, eating disorders, trauma and more. Click here to learn more about Jeff.


At age 15, I picked up my drug of choice: Anorexia Nervosa. Over the years, I've been better and worse, and there were times when it nearly killed me. At 50, I embrace my life, my work as the editor of Renew, and my recovery. I invite you to share the highs and lows of my journey through Starkstarvingmad, We'll laugh a little, cry a little, and heal a lot, I hope.


John Spoto is the founder of Sentry Financial Planning in Andover and Danvers, Mass. In his blog, Financially Speaking, he offers advice for people in recovery who want to rebuild and strengthen their financial situations. If you have questions for John, email him at




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Sam Shem, co-author of the play, “Bill W. and Dr. Bob,” with his wife, Janet Surrey (, writes about their journey creating this powerful play about recovery, among other topics. 


April Pfrogner is a wife and stay-at-home mother of six children, who writes about recovery for a Renew and In Voices of Recovery, she focuses largely on parenting in recovery in her blog, "Married with Children." April grew up in a small, coal mining town in western Pennsylvania and later attended California University, where she earned half a degree in Spanish Secondary Education. Instead of becoming a teacher, she became a mother, then an addict and alcoholic. A fast downward spiral into 10 years of heavy drug use took her to jails, institutions and suicidal wishes. Upon joining Renew she has six years of recovery.


Lauren Stahl lives in South Beach, Fla. She grew up in Westchester, N.Y., a suburb outside of NYC and attended Tufts University where she studied economics and entrepreneurial leadership. After graduating from college in 2009, she moved to NYC and began working on Wall Street. It was not long before her eating disorder, drug, and alcohol addiction took her on a downward spiral. She entered treatment in September 2012 and continues to build a life of early recovery. She hosts a website, where each day she discusses a new ‘Ask’ about recovery.

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JoanE. Childs is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in personal growth and self-actualization. Her work focuses on women’s issues, couple and family relationships, and personal effectiveness. 

Last Post: Alone again… naturally - 9/3/2014

Kelly Burch is Editor of Renew Magazine as well as a freelance writer who has worked in Boston, London and Australia.  

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Tommy Rosen is a recovery expert who incorporates yoga and holistic living into his recovery everyday. The above is an excerpt from his book, “Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life,” which will be release by Hay House on Oct. 21

Last Post: Debunking the addiction story - 11/20/2014

Rising from the Ashes chronicals my experiences with recovery. I strive to de-stigmatize addiction by describing my journey as honestly as I know how, in hope that I can bring about some level of understanding and acceptance.

Last Post: Life is Like a Waterfall - 11/4/2015

Debra McKenna has been involved in the recovery community for nearly 25 years. She is a former writer and editor for city magazines in Denver, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas as well as the author of the novel Recovering from Life. You can download a Kindle sample of Recovering from Life by visiting her website at

Last Post: Coming Out From the Shadows - 9/29/2015

Reverend Leo Booth is a recovering alcoholic and a spiritual consultant to a number of treatment centers. He will be blogging for Renew about spirituality and recovery. You can also connect with him on Facebook under Reverend Leo Booth or visit his website

Last Post: The divinity within - 9/9/2014

Michelle Horton is a New York based writer who has lived with addiction in her family and marriage. She's been published in a variety of publications (CNN,, Self magazine,, and founded, an award-winning site for young moms, where this essay first appeared. 



Karen M. Harris is an Associated Press-award winning writer/editor who is now managing editor of, a lifestyle website for those with chronic illness. She is coming to terms with family addiction and sees the warning signs in others.

Last Post: Blind Eyes, Full Hearts - 9/29/2014

Margi Taber’s life work is about hope and healing.  Her career path has focused on adolescent and family work in the field of addiction and social work.  She is on the leadership committee of NAADAC's Adolescent Specialty Committee and is the V.P. of Programs & Operations at RSSS.

This blog project, A Guiding Light of HOPE is inspired by the many people she has met who are on a mission to increase awareness, provide education, and promote health and healing regarding this ever challenging disease called addiction that is destroying lives on a daily basis. 
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Emily Guarnotta holds a Psy.D. Her most recent work was her dissertation, “A Comparison of Abstinence and Perceived Self-efficacy for Individuals Attending SMART Recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous.”

Last Post: Speaking Out to Heal Within - 9/3/2015

Andy Sullivan is a 39-year-old British father of two based in South Africa. After 25 years of denial in active drug and alcohol addiction, he surrendered to his illness in September 2014 and learned that there is a whole new world out there. He blogs about his recovery journey at

Last Post: Dream a little dream - 4/10/2015

Harmony Rose is the author of "Married Under The Influence," a finalist for The National Indie Excellence Award. She is also the wife of a recovering alcoholic, and a mom and step-mom. She and her family hope to spread the message of hope to everyone searching for it.


Lee McCormick is the founder of the Ranch Recovery Center in Nunnelly, Tennessee, and The Canyon Treatment Center in Malibu, California. He is also cofounder of Nashville’s Integrative Life Center and IOP/PHP Community Recovery program in Nashville, Tennessee. Through the organization of Spirit Recovery, Inc.,McCormick facilitates the production of healing and recovery conferences and spiritual journeys around the world.

Last Post: Mexico, me and Mee. - 10/17/2014

Liz Scott is a personal chef and caterer specializing in nutritional and dietary needs for recovery from illness and disease, including alcohol and drug dependence. She is a graduate of New York University and the French Culinary Institute in New York and holds an MA degree from Villa Schifanoia in Florence, Italy. Her personal battle with alcoholism and her dedication to the recovery community have led to new creative levels in her professional culinary career.

Last Post: Going Bananas Over Pudding - 11/12/2011

Entrepreneurship is the blog of Alex Shohet, who is the CEO and co-founder of the ONE80CENTER in Beverly Hills. Shohet studied system science engineering at UCLA but left college in 1984 because of his addiction to heroin and cocaine. In 1988, he entered a long-term treatment center in Pasadena where he found the path of recovery.

Last Post: Building a Social Enterprise - 3/16/2012

Dr. Harris Stratyner, Ph.D., vice president of Caron Treatment Center and clinical director of the New York region, is internationally known for developing and implementing the groundbreaking clinical model of "Carefrontation," a treatment approach that doesn't shame or blame the patient. It recognizes addiction as a disease and stresses each individual's responsibility to work with healthcare providers to reach the goal of complete abstinence.  

Last Post: A tempting time - 12/16/2014

Dr. Harris Stratyner, Ph.D., vice president of Caron Treatment Center and clinical director of the New York region, is internationally known for developing and implementing the groundbreaking clinical model of "Carefrontation," a treatment approach that doesn't shame or blame the patient. It recognizes addiction as a disease and stresses each individual's responsibility to work with healthcare providers to reach the goal of complete abstinence. 

Last Post: The Great Escape - 7/15/2015

Rockin' Recovery is the blog of Super Star, who chose to stay sober one day at a time after surviving an almost 15-year battle with addiction. He left the crack houses to mingle with Hollywood’s elite, which culminated in the creation of an all-star CD featuring his childhood musical heroes. Artists on the CD include current and former members of Kiss, Heart, The Goo Goo Dolls, Dokken and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He now devotes his life to educating others about the prevention and treatment of addiction.


Last Post: Rekindling Recovery - 10/29/2014

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, psychotherapist, life and recovery coach, is featured on VH1's Celebrity Rehab. Sherry is the author of "The Law of Sobriety," which uses the law of attraction to recover from any addiction. Please download your copy of "Manifest Holistic Health" from Sherry's Enrich Your Life Series. Contact Sherry at for webinars, teleseminars, coaching packages and speaking engagements. 


The founder of the Addict's Mom organization takes readers on a journey through the lives of many mothers who have been invaded by the destruction of addiction.

Last Post: Defects of Character - 7/30/2012

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