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A compilation of Thom Forbes' "Recovering Your Body" previous columns from Renew Magazine.

Get Moving With Reverse Psychology

Sep 27, 2011
Time's Maia Szalavitz reports on a new study about what motivates people to exercise and ingeniously ties it to drug addiction. There are huge differences between the impact that the two ways of releasing feel-good dopamine and endorphins ultimately have on the body, of course, and therein lies the dilemma. We generally feel good when we injest substances and but pay a heavy price later. With exercise, it's tough to get going but we usually feel good once we get in the flow. (And does anything feel better than a brisk wind in your face after a hard workout and refreshing shower?)

Based on the findings by a team out of the University of British Columbia published in Health Psychology, Szalavitz offers the following suggestions:
  • Focus on the genuine joy that comes later in your exercise routine, rather than the pain of starting.
  • Try rearranging your routine so that you start with your favorite exercises first.
  • Adjust your entire attitude about exercise and start viewing it as the ideal drug: not only does the pain come before the pleasure, so you don't get hooked, but you also wind up feeling better rather than worse in the long run.
Szalavitz oftens writes about addiction topics and I recommend her work highly. You can get an RSS feed of her Heathland blog or follow her on Twitter @maiasz.


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