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By: Richard Buckman

In the Streets puts the spotlight on recovery housing, issues surrounding it and its crucial transitory step in the continuum of recovery.

The Housing Reform Movement Goes National

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Jun 20, 2011

Earlier this year some housing advocates from around the country sent out a query trying to pull together interested parties to help launch a National Housing organization. The group—National Association of Recovery Residences—is seeking to do many of the same things we have initiated here on Long Island, and more, on a national level.

The nationwide idea is a bold initiative that I believe will take an unwavering commitment by the founders in order to stay the course and expand the reach of the group to a wide enough base to have a lasting impact.

 The logo for NARR
Based on its website, the group is interested in credentialing houses that are rooted in operating their homes using empirically based recovery principles and practice standards—which means proven outcomes that are research based. They promote a commitment to the core values of hope, honesty, compassion, responsibility, fairness and respect.

So far advocates from Georgia, Connecticut, California, Texas and Michigan have convened numerous conference calls seeking to hammer out an agreed-to framework

It seems collaboration on standards is in the making, with an interest in developing the group as a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. We are hopeful that New York will soon join in the discussion as we fully support this idea and believe the climate is right to forge ahead.

Meanwhile, back on Long Island, we await the next legislative steps in Suffolk County that may launch an oversight board. Separately we have continued behind-the-scenes discussions with interested parties hoping to further shape the unfolding landscape on the recovery-housing front.

LIRA, LICAN and The Quality Consortium remain committed to staying involved in this issue until we gain the improvements we are seeking across the board.  We will continue to monitor progress on the housing front as we shift gears somewhat to begin taking a look at other issues important to the recovery community.

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