The Guiding Light of Hope

By: Margi Taber

Margi Taber’s life work is about hope and healing. Her career path has focused on adolescent and family work in the field of addiction and social work. She is on the leadership committee of NAADAC's Adolescent Specialty Committee and is the vice president of programs and operations at RSSS.

A Guiding Light of Hope is inspired by the many people she has met who are on a mission to increase awareness, provide education, and promote health and healing regarding this ever-challenging disease called addiction that is destroying lives on a daily basis.

Creating a life on purpose

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Jan 14, 2015

Today I was reminded about turning our perspective into our reality. I had been reading a few Facebook postings from others, noting that they did not want to return to work following their long holiday break.  I remember those days so well; being unenthusiastic to embrace the reality of returning to work after a few days off – that is, until I didn’t have a job to return to. 

The insight and perspective I am gaining being in this career transition is priceless.  I had become accustomed to thinking of work as just my job.  I didn’t really feel much passion, if any, to the job that occupied so many of my work hours.  The reality was that I had become bored and felt stuck.  I had talked about wanting to expand my horizons but I never seemed to take that next step to look for a more permanent career change. 

So I ignored the inner callings of my heart to expand my horizons and BAM!   Wouldn’t you know it?  The program was shut down at the close of 2014 due to budget cuts, forcing me to finally look elsewhere for my next career stop.  Now I’m not so arrogant to think the program closing was all transpired for my Higher Power to wake me up, but I do think that was the lesson for me to see through this experience.

The perspective I had adopted that allowed me to stay stuck was telling myself that I did meaningful work and it was a tough job market out there; that I had perks that were “good enough” so I should stay.  And besides, how did I know that the desire to do something else with my career was my truth? 

Self-doubt – it gets me every time!  It was my own fears building walls so I would tune out the true calling within to expand my horizons. My fears were disguised as excuses that I used to justify my lack of taking action.  I wasn’t really afraid of failing because I have failed before; I know what that feels like.  That’s not scary.  Maybe I was really afraid of succeeding to the calling of my heart because that feels like a HUGE responsibility. 

I wonder how many others hold back for fear of realizing that which we truly desire. After feeling like I’ve been hit with a 2x4, I can say my Higher Power now has my attention! I am now open to seeing those signs that I have ignored by allowing the excuses to be louder than the calling of my heart.  I see “my job” now is to just remain open; open to life open to my next step, just to be open.  Maybe that is all “my job” ever was meant to be for me to life my life on purpose.

So here I am starting 2015 with an opportunity to create something I desire by listening more intently to the inner callings of my heart and to silence the chatter that leads to self-doubt.   And to do this, I’ve realized I needed to strengthen my resources.  I’m meditating, journaling, starting an exercise program, and connecting with those who provide fuel for my inspiration tank.  

I also have a mantra I use daily now -- “I am here”.  Whether I’m experiencing fear or fearlessness, “I am here” reminds me to live in the present moment.  You see, our perspective drives our reality.  And today I am focusing on my perspective being in tune with the inner callings of my heart and remaining open to the signs that will guide me along my path as I create my life on purpose.


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