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By: Mimi Wynn

Mimi Wynn has lived the rock ‘n’ roll life and realized many of her dreams. Wynn spent 23 years offering her creative contribution to the music scene as an agent, publisher and manager. Only second to recovery, Wynn witnessed amazing dreams come true and participated in the careers of the most talented musical artists and songwriters in the world. With her experience as a dream maker, she carries the message to anyone who desires to really live in recovery.


Riddle me this … Does fame make sobriety harder to achieve?

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Apr 03, 2012

I remember the feelings of overwhelming insecurity when I arrived in the alphabet rooms. I always felt like they were talking about me or looking at me. Of course, it was mostly my sick brain that made me so paranoid. Oh yeah, and my enormous ego that convinced me how important I thought I was.

However, there are so many celebrities who battle addictions. I always feel bad when I see shots splashed across the news of the latest celebrity du’jour busted for DUI, or so on. It is bad enough that addiction is so misunderstood, but to use illness as a way to sensationalize someone is tragic to me. I have been to meetings where the press was staked out and it can be downright frightening. 

I wonder if it is harder to truly realize full recovery and live a spiritual life free of addiction when the eyes of the world are upon you. Imagine living the height of your personal addiction debauchery with cameras flashing. Yikes!  I am glad I am just famous in my own mind. What a plight.

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