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By: Mimi Wynn

Mimi Wynn has lived the rock ‘n’ roll life and realized many of her dreams. Wynn spent 23 years offering her creative contribution to the music scene as an agent, publisher and manager. Only second to recovery, Wynn witnessed amazing dreams come true and participated in the careers of the most talented musical artists and songwriters in the world. With her experience as a dream maker, she carries the message to anyone who desires to really live in recovery.


When Is Enough, Enough?

Mar 26, 2012

Are some people just not meant to sponsor others? 

I have a friend who seems to attract the most insane and dangerous people to sponsor. Even after many 24 hours she still manages to find the “sickest” people in the rooms. Of course, we are supposed to reach out the hand ... no matter what. I wonder if there are times when it is OK to say, “I am not available for emotional consultation.” 

I have no problem saying “no” when I need to replenish. Increasingly I have friends in the alphabet rooms call and tell me about how they are exhausted from 24/7 phone calls, making coffee and driving other members, etc. Of course, the “proper” response is, “your HP will not give you more than you can handle.”  Is that really true? Perhaps your HP is trying to tell you to dump some dead weight and get back to basking in the sunlight of the spirit. 

I choose to use one of many character defects — selfishness — to keep me sane sometimes.

So riddle me this ...When is enough, enough?



DianeC  2213 days ago

Mimi--the sponsor question is a good one. I have had hurt feelings that I ws not asked or that I was "fired" but I've come to see that there can be right sponsors and not so right sponsors for everyone. My sponsor is teaching me to carry the program and not the person. Hard to do sometimes, but keeps my feelings in check.

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