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Rockin' Recovery is the blog of Super Star, who chose to stay sober one day at a time after surviving an almost 15-year battle with addiction. He left the crack houses to mingle with Hollywood’s elite, which culminated in the creation of an all-star CD featuring his childhood musical heroes. Artists on the CD include current and former members of Kiss, Heart, The Goo Goo Dolls, Dokken and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He now devotes his life to educating others about the prevention and treatment of addiction.


Forward Momentum

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Dec 18, 2012

There is only forward momentum in breaking through layers of things that hold us back. As I find myself seeking the strength within to move beyond yet another layer of old tapes, I also find myself looking forward to moving into a new world of thought. I’m drawing upon all of my resources so I can go to where I have never been. And no, this isn’t an episode of Star Trek but it is real life and I am most certainly going forward to those unchartered territories within.

Seeking what I need to cross into a new word of thought in order to move forward to do the work I’m inspired to do sometimes seem challenging; however it’s not as difficult as the time that I finally crossed over into recovery from my active addiction.

That time in my life was probably the fiercest war within that I will ever have to face. Yet I did find the might within and the resources outside to reach the top of that mountain top, didn’t I? Now I’m embarking on another stride in my world although this time professionally and this time I am looking forward to the bumps in the road because I know that obstacles are truly only opportunities.

You know what is great? Realizing that I rarely see or experience fear in my world now that I am in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

I rarely have any hesitation with regards to boldly going to where I have never been before. For me, this absence of fear much of the time has been one of my greatest gifts. You see, I realized in my journey from active addiction to recovery that FEAR is really only False Expectations Appearing Real. This helps me put things in a perspective to not let fear rule me like it once did.

I am so very appreciative of my ability to just jump into things that at one time I wouldn’t even consider. Things like creating new professional endeavors or exploring things of a spiritual nature. It’s so neat to be in the driver’s seat of life and have enough self-awareness to be guided to where I am meant to be.

Momentum is what keeps me driving this way. I love knowing that taking one small action and then taking another always leads to something. Sometimes it’s not where I intended to go but who cares because as long as I am moving forward in a healthy direction then I find myself right where I am supposed to be. As I keep a healthy perspective on why I got sober in the first place and work on growing beyond the circle of problems the arise, I am now able to more easily overcome and continue preparing for the new opportunities that are undoubtedly on the horizon.

During this holiday season, my hope for you and your family is that you experience in your own world a sense of this forward momentum. That you are taking your own healthy steps forward and never fault yourself for sometimes taking one or two backwards. Because maybe we never really go backwards—maybe the unplanned road actually is the right road to take us to where we are meant to be.

So I look at the backward steps or detour as a necessity to continued forward momentum. As long as we all continue to put one right foot in front of that other one then we will have the blessed opportunity to experience plenty of other reasons for celebration. All of them sober, healthy and full of the joy that exists beyond addiction to drug and alcohol.


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