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Rockin' Recovery is the blog of Super Star, who chose to stay sober one day at a time after surviving an almost 15-year battle with addiction. He left the crack houses to mingle with Hollywood’s elite, which culminated in the creation of an all-star CD featuring his childhood musical heroes. Artists on the CD include current and former members of Kiss, Heart, The Goo Goo Dolls, Dokken and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He now devotes his life to educating others about the prevention and treatment of addiction.


New Year = New Opportunities

Dec 24, 2012

January 1, 2013, is only days away which means we are about to embark on the start of yet another year. Are you ready? I sure am!

One of the gifts of being alive and ready to ring in a new year means we are able to make 2013 a year to remember—a year where we realize some of those goals that we have placed in our back pocket or a year where we continue moving toward those dreams we have envisioned for ourselves or even a year where we live more from the place of putting our best self forward in all our affairs. Regardless of where we are at today in our life we have the ability to keep those traits we appreciate about ourselves alive by the choices we make and we also have the opportunity to change those things that we would like to improve upon in our life. used to think New Year’s resolutions meant that I wasn’t living my life right and that just created more shame for me – which I already had enough of. But then someone told me that life is about progress, not perfection. And once I realized that there is no such thing as “perfect” and that life is a progression of growth from our experiences, it afforded me a chance to look at life through a different lens than I had been viewing life through. Changing my lens of life also gave me the gift of being able to forgive myself for those choices that did not serve me well and this then gave me the ability to move forward with an open heart.

From that place, I began to envision things I wanted to experience in life like recording a CD and writing a book and most importantly living my life sober. I learned that we have the resources we need inside of us or around us to achieve that which we set out to do. It’s about changing our focus or lens and being open to those doors that will guide us to our next experience in life.

You see, my whole world changed when I made the connection about the impact of what we focus on and the subsequent path our life takes. I realized that what we focus on expands. So if I’m focused on solutions or opportunities it changes my view on those things I used to refer to as problems. By realizing this and living life from this perspective, I feel more inspired, positive and able to create newer and better opportunities than ever before.

One tool that works for me is writing, so year-end is a time to journal about those reflections of what the past year has brought to me as well as to explore more deeply where my heart is being guided for the New Year. What helps you get connect with your deeper self? Journaling? Meditating? Reading? Conversing with others? Or something else?  

Take some time for yourself this holiday season to reflect on the past year and let your heart guide you into a New Year – into new opportunities and new experiences.

As Harold Whitman said: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who come alive.”

Here’s to hoping that 2013 finds you spending time doing those things that make you come alive because there is nothing greater than doing something you know you were born to do!

Yet at the foundation of my future choices will be living by my motto:Always love, always encourage and NEVER let despair get in the way.


Jim former Bean  1971 days ago

You have inspired me SS, I am going to write that book this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, nother gr8t post

Leah M.  1974 days ago

So inspiring. Even though I am facing many setbacks this blog always makes me think..... This blog was amazing!!!!

Tom Jee  1974 days ago


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