Did you ever think your occupation could affect your drinking or drug use?

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Did you ever think your occupation could affect your drinking or drug use? Or is it the other way around, where you chose a certain career because it allowed you to drink and drug more often? Either way, this new infographic from KLEAN treatment Centersshows there are definite careers where you are more apt to have an alcohol and/or drug problem. Number one on the list is the food service industry. Chefs, waiters, dishwashers, cooks, bartenders, cocktail waitresses, maître d’s – all of these jobs are considered part of the food service industry, and what they have in common is a low drug testing policy industry-wide, and also a more relaxed attitude about drug and alcohol consumption, even while on the job.

Next in line are construction workers, who actually report more alcohol use than drug use. This could be due to stricter drug testing for construction jobs, especially workers who are on a job site. But, after the shift is done, many report drinking heavily. It can seem like those in the entertainment industry have the most drug problems, since that is what gets reported in the media, but in fact, those in the arts, design and entertainment world came in third in this self-reported survey. Take a look at the rest of this infographic to see if your career is on here.



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