Moderate drinking may increase heart disorder, study finds

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Posted Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012 was announced this week that a new study has found an increase risk of a heart rhythm disorder called fibrillation in older generations with heart disease or advanced diabetes who moderately drink alcohol.

Heart fibrillation is an irregular heartbeat that can be a risk factor for stroke.

In the study, according to HealthDay, researchers analyzed data from more than 30,000 people, aged 55 and older, in 40 countries who had a history of cardiovascular disease or advanced diabetes.

It was found that moderate to high alcohol consumption was associated with an increased risk of heart fibrillation.

"Because drinking moderate quantities of alcohol was common in our study (36.6 percent of the participants), our findings suggest that the effect of increased alcohol consumption, even in moderate amounts, on the risk of atrial fibrillation among patients with existing cardiovascular disease may be considerable," wrote Dr. Koon Teo, of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and colleagues in a university news release.

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