New Program Uses Surfing to Help People Recover

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Mindfulness is a large part of many recovery programs. At Saltwater Sessions, a new eight-week addiction treatment program in Los Angeles, mindfulness doesn't always look like sitting on a meditation cushion and breathing deeply. More often, it looks like paddling out into the ocean and trying to catch the perfect wave. 

Backed by the doctoral research of founder Lena Dicken, Saltwater Sessions combines surfing, mindfulness practice and positive reappraisal to help clients sustain long-term recovery. Research out of the University of Iowa has shown that surfing for 30 minutes is associated with an increase in positive, upbeat feelings and a decrease in negative feelings and fatigue. Based on personal experiences, Dicken also knows that in order to succeed in recovery, clients must overcome frustration and failure, much like trying and missing to catch that wave. With time, clients gain confidence through surfing and sobriety. 

For more information about this integrative program, visit the Saltwater Sessions website.





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