Alcoholism contributed to Elizabeth Peña’s death

"Cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol” has been listed as a cause of death for actress Elizabeth Peña, who died Tuesday.

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Back to Work

Reentering the workforce after addiction can be daunting. Here’s what you need to know to begin working again, on your terms.

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The end of “addict”?

The Drug Policy Alliance is calling on the Associated Press to stop using the term “addict,” and to instead use descriptions that present a more holistic picture of people struggling with substance abuse.

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New website for Sanctuary at Sedona

The Sanctuary at Sedona has launched a new website which outlines the treatment center’s non-12 Step philosophy.

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Shadoe Stevens celebrates 30 years sober

Radio personality Shadoe Stevens is celebrating three decades of sobriety.

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Addicted to the win

There are no illicit substances involved, but gambling addiction can be just as devastating as using drugs or alcohol.

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Hazelden renames women’s recovery center to honor Betty

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has rename its women’s recovery center to honor former First Lady Betty Ford.

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Study: gambling addicts release fewer endorphins than healthy individuals

Gambling addicts release fewer endorphins than healthy individuals, according to a new study

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Practice Imperfect

Is quitting part of your nature? Here’s how to choose a path to success and stick with it.

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First case of internet addiction diagnosed

A thirty-one year old Navy serviceman is the first person to be diagnosed with an internet addiction, according to a new study

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