Castlewood offers holiday intensive treatment program

The holidays can be a tough time, full of family stress and obligations. If you add an eating disorder into the mix, all the food-focused events can seem downright daunting.

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Poppy production rising in Afghanistan

Despite the U.S. spending $7.6 billion to combat the trade, Afghanistan is growing more poppies and producing more opium than ever before, according to a New York Times article

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Steven Tyler: ‘I’m fighting every day.’

Steven Tyler is still fighting addiction and alcoholism every day, he told a group of Drug Court graduates last Thursday.

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Women’s stress, substance use, rise with divorce

Getting divorced is no doubt a stressful time, but a recent Gallup poll has found that women see a greater jump in stress after divorce, and are more likely to use drugs and alcohol to calm themselves.

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Herbie Hancock discusses cocaine addiction

Jazz musician Herbie Hancock managed to keep his cocaine addiction hidden when he was using, but he is telling all now in a new memoir, Possibilities.

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Teaser: Are you hungry, angry, lonely or tired? Here’s why addressing these feelings is crucial to your recovery.

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Alcoholism contributed to Elizabeth Peña’s death

"Cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol” has been listed as a cause of death for actress Elizabeth Peña, who died Tuesday.

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Back to Work

Reentering the workforce after addiction can be daunting. Here’s what you need to know to begin working again, on your terms.

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The end of “addict”?

The Drug Policy Alliance is calling on the Associated Press to stop using the term “addict,” and to instead use descriptions that present a more holistic picture of people struggling with substance abuse.

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New website for Sanctuary at Sedona

The Sanctuary at Sedona has launched a new website which outlines the treatment center’s non-12 Step philosophy.

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