Young diabetics at risk for depression, eating disorders

A study by Columbia University has found that young type one diabetics are at risk for depression, anxiety and disordered eating.

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Hillary Clinton vows to make addiction, mental illness, a focus in 2016

Presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a group of New Hampshire voters that she would make the “quiet epidemic” of substance abuse a focus of the 2016 presidential campaign.​

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When recovery comes home

Knowing how to support your loved one when she returns from treatment will set you both up for success.

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Actress Glen Close is vocal about mental illness

The star has opened up about mental illness in her family.

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Manziel leaves rehab in time for offseason workouts

Football star Johnny Manziel completed 10 weeks in rehab.

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Nicotine use promotes alcohol dependence

A new study shows a scientific link between alcohol cravings and nicotine.

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Sum 41 frontman discusses the price of drinking

Another rocker is speaking out about his addiction and recovery, and being open about the painful toll the drinking has taken on his life.

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Wake up and say “Hello”

How one man’s journey to reclaim his Sunday mornings and define his relationship with alcohol is starting a revolution.

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Vermont leads nation in fight against opiates

Despite its quaint and rural reputation, Vermont has been hard-hit by the opiate epidemic, with more Vermonters in recovery from heroin than alcohol. The state’s drug problem is so bad that last year the governor devoted his State of the State address to the “full-blown heroin crisis.”

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month

The 2015 campaign by NCADD will focus on early education on alcoholism and addiction.

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