Understanding gambling addiction

When we hear the word “addiction” we tend to associate things like alcohol, illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin, and some prescription drugs. Most of us, including a number of professionals, often forget about the addictive qualities of gambling, or the addiction to winning.

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High-sugar foods most likely to be addictive

A new study is confirming what many people already know – that sugary, processed foods are much more likely to cause problematic eating than healthier options.

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Heroin deaths rise 86 percent in Conn.

In the past two years, the number of heroin overdose deaths in Connecticut has risen 86 percent, from 174 deaths in 2012, to 325 in 2014.

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‘All of a sudden I loved myself.’

How Kay White learned that simple lesson, and how she’s teaching other women to do the same.

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Marijuana becomes legal in Alaska, D.C.

Despite legalization, dangers remain

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Metallica’s James Hetfield credits music with saving his life

The rock ‘n roll lifestyle may have a bad reputation, but Metallica front man James Hetfield says that music saved his life and help him escape addiction.

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‘I had no idea.'

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week shines a spotlight on early detection.

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Report: Smokers have success without quitting cold turkey

new research has shown that a gradual end to smoking can result in long-lasting success.

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Coach: Johnny Manziel ‘in much better place.’

Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine visited Quarterback Johnny Manziel in rehab recently, and said that the player is already reaping the benefits of treatment.

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Narconon International celebrates 50 years

Narconon International drug rehab network is celebrating 50 years of helping individuals achieve sobriety.​

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