Shadoe Stevens celebrates 30 years sober

Radio personality Shadoe Stevens is celebrating three decades of sobriety.

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Addicted to the win

There are no illicit substances involved, but gambling addiction can be just as devastating as using drugs or alcohol.

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Hazelden renames women’s recovery center to honor Betty

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has rename its women’s recovery center to honor former First Lady Betty Ford.

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Study: gambling addicts release fewer endorphins than healthy individuals

Gambling addicts release fewer endorphins than healthy individuals, according to a new study

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Practice Imperfect

Is quitting part of your nature? Here’s how to choose a path to success and stick with it.

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First case of internet addiction diagnosed

A thirty-one year old Navy serviceman is the first person to be diagnosed with an internet addiction, according to a new study

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From shameful, to mindful

How to retrain your brain and buoy your spirit

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Senators want stricter warnings on e-cigs

Six senators have written to the F.D.A. asking for stronger warnings on electronic cigarettes, explicitly saying that the devices contain nicotine.

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Five health tests you need now

Addiction takes a toll on your body. Now that you’re in recovery, it’s time to check up on your overall health.

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The power to say ‘No’

When Amber Smith made the choice to get sober, she didn’t realize that cleaning up her drug addiction was just the first step. Only when she acknowledged her codependence was she able to make meaningful changes to her life.

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