Comedian Chris Gass is serious about recovery

After using cocaine through all of his early adulthood, Gass decided something needed to change when he had a heart attack at 32.

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Beyond the win

Gambling addiction is about much more than a desire for money.

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Service launches to match sober roommates

The site hosts over 6,000 listings across the U.S.

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Alcohol kills more people than AIDS, violence and TB combined

A new report finds high alcohol consumption across the globe.

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Creed frontman discusses psychosis, addiction

Scott Stapp, lead singer for the band Creed, is opening up about his mental illness and substance abuse, after a breakdown last fall that left him hospitalized.

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Clothing brand fights mental health stigma

Wear Your Label proports to design clothing that starts a conversation about mental health, according to the brand's website.

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The ten tuths I'll tell my son about drugs

Addiction runs along family lines, so it’s critical to talk to your kids about substance abuse. But that doesn’t make it easy. Here are my ten truths for discussing drug addiction with my son.

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HIV outbreak continues in Indiana

A state of emergency has been declared.

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Rob Lowe celebrates 25 years sober

The Hollywood star took to twitter to spread hope.

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Sobriety, center stage

For 25 years, MusiCares has been helping people in the music industry achieve and maintain sobriety, saving lives across the country.

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