Danny Trejo On 47 Years of Sobriety

Recovery is a blessing and a responsibility, he says.

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A Family's Roller Coaster Ride Begins to Slow

Years after first writing for Renew, a mother is finally enjoying a family in recovery.

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Reality Star Stephanie Pratt Struggled with Addiction, Eating Disorders

The star tried many different drugs and treatments throughout the years.

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Jeb Bush: We Need 'Recovery Philosophy'

At a New Hampshire Rally, Bush was asked how he would curb the heroin epidemic.

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Alanis Morissette Defines Recovery from Eating Disorders

The singer has detailed her struggle with eating disorders in Women's Health.

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Macklemore: 'Do You Want to Live Life or Escape It?'

After finding out that he was going to be a father, the rapper became serious about getting sober.

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Matthew Perry Talks Life After Treatment

The star says you can't expect the problem to be solved in 28 days.

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Steven Tyler, Sheryl Crow Will UNITE to Face Addiction

The two are among many celebrities who will perform at the October 4 Rally.

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White House Funds Heroin Response Strategy

The money will be used to hire public safety and public health coordinators.

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Fish Oil Could Cut Risk of Mental Illness

A new study finds that fish oil can make a big difference in outcomes for people at risk of developing mental illness.

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