Scientist locate 'control center'

A new study may have unlocked the key to understanding the physiological mechanism behind alcoholism.

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Take these steps to assess drinking habits

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Here are things to be aware of.

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The red flag of facial flushing

The medical community has long known that alcohol consumption raises the risk of high blood pressure, but the new information suggests that those who experience flushing after drinking may be at risk with lower consumption levels.

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Research: Pot is making people stupid

Research has demonstrated an association between early marijuana use and low educational attainment.

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Hoffman and the toxicity of “should”

What if your choices were really good ones that paid off well? And you still feel that incessant pounding of the “should” hammer between your ears? I imagine this to be the torment of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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Farewell Philip Seymour Hoffman

The needle takes life of acting great far before his time.

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Useful app for those in recovery

A new app makes your phone a part of your recovery, giving users instant access to things they may need in weak moments, like recovery information, podcasts, and a support team.

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Korn guitarist passing on his story of recovery

Brian 'Head' Welch continues to spread his story of recovery through books and public speaking.

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Doll that won't eat concerns experts

A new doll scheduled to be stocked in toy departments in the spring refuses to eat food by shaking its head from side to side. Some parents find it harmless while others believe it promotes eating disorders.​

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Report: Binge drinking is rampant and doctors don't want to talk about it

A new report released by the Center for Disease Control reveals that at least 38 million Americans are binge drinkers and their doctors aren't talking with them about the dangers of their behavior.

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