Lending a hand

A growing number of people in recovery are working in the recovery fields, bringing a unique perspective to treatment programs. RENEW caught up with a few of these people to discuss how they’ve moved from helping themselves to helping others.

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Sending surf to the dogs

She may have failed puppy school, but Ricochet, the surfing dog, has found her niche helping others on and off the waves.

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Riding the wave to recovery

More and more addicts are centering themselves while hitting the surf

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ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas enters rehab

ABC news anchor Elizabeth Vargas, 51, has entered rehab for alcoholism for the second time in a year.

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Hazelden introduces online Masters in addiction

Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies will begin offering an online master’s degree in addiction studies, beginning with the winter 2015 semester, the school announced.

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LGBT & Sober

Recovery is never easy, but with better programs and counselors for the LGBT community, it’s getting better.

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Products, apps and podcasts to boost your recovery

The more tools to aid in your recovery the better. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Methtacular! opens in Chicago

There are nearly as many ways to find closure with addiction as there are addicts. Writing a musical and taking it on the road is certainly one of the more unusual methods

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Betty Ford Center to study substance abuse among lawyers.

Practicing law can be stressful, which may be one reason that, historically, lawyers and others in the field have had high rates of substance abuse and mental health issues.

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Top Oregon expert: vote yes to legalized pot

The former director of Oregon’s Addictions and Mental Health Services is volunteering his time to appear in the “Yes on 91” campaign, urging voters in the state to approve legalized marijuana.

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