Go beyond your wildest dreams

A (sober) trip to Bali was the perfect way for this author to repair herself

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Alcohol ups danger of HPV

The sexually transmitted disease human papillomavirus will be contracted by at least half of all sexually active people during their lifetime

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Send the demons spinning

Gym owner Andrea Lawent takes you on a wild ride of rock-and-roll meditation, exercise and recovery

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Study links eating disorders, autoimmune disease

A study has concluded that many autoimmune diseases are implicated in the development of eating disorders.​

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White House to stream recovery event

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Recovery Month, the Office of National Drug Control Policy will be hosting a celebratory event

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Cumberland Heights launches recovery month you-tube series

Cumberland Heights, a private treatment center in the Nashville, Tenn. area, has launched a you-tube segment to complement the message of National Recovery Month.

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Red Carpet Recovery

Hollywood starts gathered to support the addiction education

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Zen and the Art of Screaming in Cars

Do you sometimes feel so frustrated that you could scream? Go ahead, do it.

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Canada to review pot policy

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse has ordered a wide review of marijuana policy

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Nebraska program keeps kids with parents in treatment

A new program in Nebraska is working to keep children and parents together while the adults are in treatment for addiction and alcoholism.

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