4 ways to regain trust

The 4 pillars of regaining trust

When my daughter first came out of a rehabilitation center, I had high hopes that we’d be close again, yet I obsessed about her relapsing.

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Gabor Maté at a signing for his latest book.

Interview with the Author: Gabor Maté

We caught up with Gabor Maté while he was on holiday on Hornby Island, British Columbia

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Reinventing Ourselves in Recovery

It’s not about creating a shiny new self; reinvention is about moving toward the self we left behind.​

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Aftercare Spotlight: Centering Prayer Can Bring Silence to Your Soul

A husband and wife's loss leads them to an ancient form of prayer and meditation. Centering Prayer and the spiritual principles of Twelve Step recovery bring freedom and fulfillment.

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The Resistance Variety Show

This Is My Brave Presents Their First Ever Variety Show at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles

Comedian and best friend of the late Carrie Fischer, Mara Shapshay, joins forces with This Is My Brave Non-Profit to bring you their first-ever Celebrity Variety Show "The Resistance" honoring Carrie Fischer, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell.

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Russell Brand and Dr Drew Live Talks Los Angeles

Full Video and Review: 'Live Talks' hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky & Russell Brand

Full Video and Review: 'Live Talks' hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky & Russell Brand

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Dr. Drew and Russell Brand

Russell Brand Talks Addiction and Promotes His New Book, Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions

on Oct 09, 2017 07:59 PM

Russell Brand and Dr. Drew Promote Brand’s New Book, Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions, at a Los Angeles Live Talks Event and the Results are Comic, Touching and Informative.

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Jimmy Webb

The Cake, the Rain and the Songwriter: an Interview with Jimmy Webb

Beginning in the mid-1960s and continuing to the present day, singer/songwriter Jimmy Webb has been an audible part of our consciousness. As you might imagine, there is more to Webb than his unforgettable songs and in his new memoir, The Cake and the Rain (St. Martin’s Press, 2017) he fills in the details through the early 1970s. Gregg Shapiro interviews Webb about the book and his music in the summer of 2017.

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Connecting the Dots: Past Experience and Addiction

Identifying and acknowledging the role life events play in addiction is often the first step to healing. Those willing to bravely face where they have come from are best positioned to for long-term, successful recovery.

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How to Choose the Right Addiction Treatment for You

The best treatment is the one that resonates with you — the one you believe will work for you.

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