An interview with Michael Bamberger, author of ‘The Second Life of Tiger Woods’

A week before what was supposed to be Woods’ defense at the Masters, Bamberger answered our questions about his new book on the 2019 champion.

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COVID-19 takes toll on those recovering from addiction

Social distancing has forced 12-step meetings to stop and addiction specialists say that can put some at risk for relapse.

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COVID-19 Could be Especially Serious Threat to Those Who Smoke or Vape

This virus attacks the lungs, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

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COVID-19 Outbreak Impacts People In Addiction Recovery

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of difficulties for people relying on services to continue their recovery from addiction.

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Online meetings are providing a life-line to addicts of all kinds, in this time of global pandemic

With the social distancing and isolation required by the onslaught of the coronavirus, addiction recovery organizations have been forced to adapt.

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‘Hooking Up’: Film Review

Frisky if familiar, this rom-com asks, can a carnal road trip lead to its odd couple to self-knowledge?​

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How To Stay Supported, Connected, and Healthy While Social Distancing

My recovery meetings are canceled. How can I find support? I’m worried. How can I connect?

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The 'opposite of addiction' theory: How community can drive recovery

The path to sobriety isn't one that can be traveled alone, studies suggest.

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Companies Step Up Efforts to Keep Workers From Quitting

To retain talent, employers offer more flexible work arrangements and bigger family-related benefits​

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Are You Using Technology or is Technology Using You?

LIKE is an IndieFlix Original documentary that explores the impact of social media on our lives and the effects of technology on the brain.

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How a Sober Dad Talks to His Son About Addiction

Dan Peres thought his kids might find his sobriety 'weird.' Then his son surprised him.

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Dr. Drew, Bob Forrest on roster for HGTC’s Addiction and Recovery Series

“Just follow direction. If you can do that and run the white flag up, surrender and start following direction, you will get better."

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Program helps addicts break the silence and 'recover out loud'

The program where people addicted to drugs and alcohol talk about their problems live on Facebook.

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Ben Affleck opens up about alcohol addiction, depression and his biggest disappointment

“People with compulsive behavior, and I am one, have this kind of basic discomfort all the time that they’re trying to make go away.”

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Celebrities are talking more about their own mental health. It’s helping — even if it’s complicated.

Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness, according to a 2017 survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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Easy access, pressure on students contributes to increase in non-prescribed Adderall use

Through their peers’ existing prescriptions, college students across the country take advantage of Adderall’s availability to use it recreationally or as a “study drug.”

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How to Tell If You Are Almost Alcoholic

If drinking problems exist on a continuum where does yours sit?

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A Couple of Great Questions for Anyone in Recovery...

“Where are you in the 12 Steps and why are you working them?”

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Helping A Child Whose Parent Is Struggling With Addiction.

What can you do if you're a teacher, a neighbor, a churchgoer, a coach ... and you suspect a child is being impacted by a parent's addiction?

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So...What Counts As A 'High Sex Drive'?

As for that stereotype that men always want more's not entirely unfounded. But it definitely doesn't tell the whole story..

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How to Make a Recovery Plan with Your Child

It's a way to map out what you all want as a family going forward.

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The Tentacles of Addiction

Where there’s one addiction, there are often more. Here’s how to stay on top of your own replacement demons. by Tracey Dee Rauh

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Addiction doc says: It’s not the drugs. It’s the ACEs…adverse childhood experiences.

Addiction shouldn’t be called “addiction”. It should be called “ritualized compulsive comfort-seeking”.​

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Breaking free from alcohol, our most dangerous drug

Alcoholics Anonymous has continued to teach me that for an alcoholic one drink is too many and 100 is not enough.

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What Is SMART Recovery? A Look at Another Support Group Option for Addiction Recovery

Often when one is in recovery for addiction, they turn to a 12-step mutual support group, but there are also other options. One of those is called Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART Recovery).​

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Joanna Conti: Helping loved ones recover from addiction.

Parents searching for treatment shouldn’t have to rely on luck to find excellent programs.

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'As long as you're breathing there's hope': Woman shares her story of addiction recovery.

Sheriff's Office is working hand in hand with Judge Jimmy Craft and Judge Kevin Mullins to help addicts go to rehab.

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Healing Through Art.

During 30 years of practice, Dr. Ericha Scott has used art therapy to treat addicts, adult children of alcoholics, and codependents, with amazing results.

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The Last Call Might Just Be Getting Started.

The Last Call has likely made anything close to its final appearance on stage. If anything, the show is just getting started. By Dylan Barmmer

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2020 goals for workers in recovery.

Recovery from an addiction is one of the most difficult journeys one can take, regardless of the addiction you’re trying to overcome.

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Sobriety In Hollywood: 19 Celebrities Going Against The Norm

These celebrities are living their best straight-edge lives – good on them! - by Rhys McKay

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Sober New Year's Eve party a 'safe place' for recovering addicts in Windsor

Recovering addicts in Windsor don’t have to miss out on ringing in the new year or risk ruining their sobriety.

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1,000 people sent me their addiction treatment stories. Here’s what I learned.

Here are four reasons America’s addiction treatment system is broken.

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Science, Spirituality and the Road to Recovery

‘The Craving Brain’ shows the way out of addiction, following the path of one recovering addict and a physician’s 40-year walk beside 1,000 others.

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Teaser: Are you hungry, angry, lonely or tired? Here’s why addressing these feelings is crucial to your recovery.

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Wake up and say “Hello”

How one man’s journey to reclaim his Sunday mornings and define his relationship with alcohol is starting a revolution.

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Duke Energy joins fight against North Carolina’s opioid epidemic with $500,000 in grants

2 statewide organizations receive grant funds to tackle opioid epidemic through public education, direct service.

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New Book by Cindy Rae Mogil Cooley, founder of Prescriptions Anonymous, exposes the nation's deadliest pill addiction crisis in our history

Swallowing A Bitter Pill, How Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drug Abuse Is Ruining Lives - My Story Cindy Rae Mogil-Cooley

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How to Talk With Your Kids About Vaping

Vaping’s popularity exploded seemingly overnight, and it took many parents and families by surprise.​

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The opposite of addiction is a connection.

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Shia LaBeouf Wrote Movie 'Honey Boy' About His Traumatic Childhood While in Rehab


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A Mom's Memoir - A Means for Coping with a Child's Addiction

A Mom's Memoir - A Means for Coping with a Child's Addiction

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Dying to LIve

Sometimes powerful transformation happens in the most unexpected ways

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10 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Everyday Life

10 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Everyday Life

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5 Sober Date Ideas That Will Help You Kick Loneliness This Winter

5 Sober Date Ideas That Will Help You Kick Loneliness This Winter

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Author David Sheff on reclaiming his son from the depths of meth addiction—and his advice for parents.

Beautiful Boy

Author David Sheff on reclaiming his son from the depths of meth addiction—and his advice for parents.

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Laughter Changes Hearts and Minds about Addiction

Chuckaholics Announces Inaugural Event for the Recovery Community

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Jodi Barber accepting her Award at the Summit

Western States Opioid Summit, Address Opioid Addiction And Overdoses

“Not One More Death” Western States Opioid Summit Aim was To Raise Awareness And Address Opioid Addiction And Overdoses

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Moby Shares Harrowing Battle with Alcoholism

Moby shares harrowing battle with alcoholism: “When I got sober 10 years ago, I was truly bottomed out. Like suicide attempts, just despair and nothing was working"

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Surgeon General Releases Report on Ways to Prevent, Talk About Addiction

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams released a report Thursday that recommends ways families, doctors, educators and business leaders can talk about and prevent addiction, according to The Washington Times.

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The annual The Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Prevention Summer Spectacular

Shapiro’s legacy of drug-abuse prevention continues with gala fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

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Sensitivity - Owning Your Superpower

“For the highly sensitive person, a drizzle feels like a monsoon.” Anonymous

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America’s Invisible Pot Addicts

More and more Americans are reporting near-constant cannabis use, as legalization forges ahead. Annie Lowrey

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Demi Lovato Issues Statement After Overdose And Hospitalization

Demi Lovato Issues Statement After Overdose And Hospitalization

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Secrets and Shame

Psychologists say lies weigh us down in more ways than we know. Here’s how to come clean and move on from a life lived in shadows.

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We caught up with Gabor Maté back in 2012 while he was on holiday on Hornby Island, British Columbia.

In light of the American Society for Addiction Medicine’s new definition of addiction as a primary disease, what do you think: Is addiction a disease or a choice?

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Protect your Kids

Sound advice for teaching your kids about love—and keeping addiction from plaguing your family.

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Intense Reactions Regarding Self-Mutilation Part 2

How to Identity and Resolve Transference & Counter-Transference via Art

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Intense Reactions Regarding Self-Mutilation Part 3

How to Identity and Resolve Transference & Counter-Transference via Art

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Intense Reactions Regarding Self-Mutilation Part 1

How to Identity and Resolve Transference & Counter-Transference via Art

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Managing Expectations for a Loved One's Addiction Recovery

Managing expectations for a loved one’s recovery can be difficult, but it is key to providing adequate support and playing your part in the process.

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Death in Detox. What you Need to Know.

Addicts are dying in non-medical rehabs. Unscrupulous treatment centers greedy for money are popping up as more insurance companies cover drug and alcohol intervention therapies. It’s become more important than ever to shop wisely before enrolling yourself or a loved one in treatment.

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Sparrow Land: A One Woman Show

In the new one-woman show, “Sparrow Land,” a toddler boy named Sparrow screeches and roams the stage while his therapist/interventionist mother, Tonya Meeks, performs her act at the Electric Lodge in Venice Beach, California.

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An Interview with Ricky Byrd

Former Joan Jett and the Blackhearts guitarist Ricky Byrd is dreaming of performing his new album, “Clean Getaway,” to recovery audiences across the country.

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The Consequences of Stigma and How It Impacts All Of Us

Facing and healing from a mental health or substance use disorder is hard enough. But there’s another layer of pain that often comes along with those challenges: dealing with other people’s reactions to them.

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3 Creative Ways to Recover Your Student Debt

There are a multitude of ways that you can start reducing your student debt. Here are just a few.

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Inspired in 2018

Attain freedom and joy through forgiveness in 2018.

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Recovery Resolve

Let’s mark the end of the year with gratitude for the gifts we have received, and kick off 2018 with a renewed commitment to our recovery!

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Rock To Recovery - 5th Year Anniversary Holiday Party

Rock To Recovery, a nonprofit with a band fronted by Wes Geer of Korn hosted it's 5th annual anniversary holiday party at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, California.

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What to Say When a Friend or Loved One Has a Drinking Problem

We’d all like to know the magic words that would stop a loved one in their tracks and yank them right out of their alcoholism. This article may help you formulate what to say.

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Managing Your Shopping Addiction

Remember, the holiday season is less about what you buy others and more about appreciating their company and presence in your life. Nothing you can purchase will replace the time you spend with your loved ones.

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Jingle Bells or Jingle Hell?

Holidays can be brutal if you’re in early recovery. Here’s how to lessen the stress, embrace the festivities and protect your sobriety.

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Financial Recovery

Many people don’t think of money as a recovery issue—but your financial habits can be closely linked to sobriety.

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Sober For The Holidays

Whether you’re fresh out of rehab, or have some sobriety under your belt, facing the holidays is challenging.​

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An Interview with Lisa Boucher, Author of "Raising the Bottom"

In “Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture,” author Lisa Boucher unearths the buried narratives of women’s addiction, shedding light on overlooked perspectives and the unique experiences of women’s complicated relationship with alcohol.

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4 ways to regain trust

The 4 pillars of regaining trust

When my daughter first came out of a rehabilitation center, I had high hopes that we’d be close again, yet I obsessed about her relapsing.

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Gabor Maté at a signing for his latest book.

Interview with the Author: Gabor Maté

We caught up with Gabor Maté while he was on holiday on Hornby Island, British Columbia

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Reinventing Ourselves in Recovery

It’s not about creating a shiny new self; reinvention is about moving toward the self we left behind.​

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Aftercare Spotlight: Centering Prayer Can Bring Silence to Your Soul

A husband and wife's loss leads them to an ancient form of prayer and meditation. Centering Prayer and the spiritual principles of Twelve Step recovery bring freedom and fulfillment.

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The Resistance Variety Show

This Is My Brave Presents Their First Ever Variety Show at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles

Comedian and best friend of the late Carrie Fischer, Mara Shapshay, joins forces with This Is My Brave Non-Profit to bring you their first-ever Celebrity Variety Show "The Resistance" honoring Carrie Fischer, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell.

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Russell Brand and Dr Drew Live Talks Los Angeles

Full Video and Review: 'Live Talks' hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky & Russell Brand

Full Video and Review: 'Live Talks' hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky & Russell Brand

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Dr. Drew and Russell Brand

Russell Brand Talks Addiction and Promotes His New Book, Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions

on Oct 09, 2017 07:59 PM

Russell Brand and Dr. Drew Promote Brand’s New Book, Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions, at a Los Angeles Live Talks Event and the Results are Comic, Touching and Informative.

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Jimmy Webb

The Cake, the Rain and the Songwriter: an Interview with Jimmy Webb

Beginning in the mid-1960s and continuing to the present day, singer/songwriter Jimmy Webb has been an audible part of our consciousness. As you might imagine, there is more to Webb than his unforgettable songs and in his new memoir, The Cake and the Rain (St. Martin’s Press, 2017) he fills in the details through the early 1970s. Gregg Shapiro interviews Webb about the book and his music in the summer of 2017.

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Connecting the Dots: Past Experience and Addiction

Identifying and acknowledging the role life events play in addiction is often the first step to healing. Those willing to bravely face where they have come from are best positioned to for long-term, successful recovery.

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How to Choose the Right Addiction Treatment for You

The best treatment is the one that resonates with you — the one you believe will work for you.

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Life Recovery

How “Hollywood Book Man” Scott Steindorff is about to disrupt the field of addiction and recovery

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10 Experiences That Are Better Than Being High

When you’re struggling with an addiction, it’s usually because you’ve bought into the lie that the next hit or drink will make your life better or easier. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Here are 10 experiences that are better than being high.

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A Father's Secrets, A Daughter's Search

How Sharon Leder uses her life story as the oldest daughter of a heroin addict to help her imagine ways for the characters in her new novel, The Fix, to survive conflict, tragedy and trauma without losing sight of the supports they need to prevail

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Brad Pitt Opens Up About Alcoholism and Recovery

“I know I'm just in the middle of this thing now — not at the beginning or at the end, just smack-dab in the middle. And I don't want to dodge any of it.”

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Lucky Charmer

An interview with gay writer James Hart

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Rae of Light

An interview with actress Charlotte Rae

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The Honesty Project

An excerpt from 'The Craving Brain: Science, Spirituality and the Road to Recovery'

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Put Down the Dating App

Recovery, not romance, should be the focus for newly sober addicts and alcoholics.

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Few Teens Receive Effective Treatment for Opioid Addiction

'The best-validated treatment for somebody struggling with an opiate addiction is treatment that includes some sort of medication assistance.'

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Republican Health Care Plan Drops Addiction Treatment Mandate

'It is a major retreat from the effort to save lives in the opiate epidemic.'

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Ben Affleck Reveals He Completed Addiction Treatment

'I want my kids to know there is no shame in getting help when you need it and to be a source of strength for anyone out there who needs help but is afraid to take the first step.'

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Mindfulness May Help Patients Reduce Suboxone Dose

Rather than fighting or avoiding the difficult states of mind that arise when withdrawing from a substance, mindfulness helps people name and tolerate craving and negative emotion.

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A 400-pound Elephant with a Stethoscope

The medical community bears responsibility for practices that have led to the alarming increase in prescription drug dependence and an equal responsibility to adopt practices that will stem the tide. ​

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Addiction: It’s a Family Affair

Addiction is rarely a solo effort or simply someone else’s problem. It is called a family disease because of its devastating impact on those closest to the person suffering from addiction, including spouses, children, other family members and even friends.

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Are We Addicted to Overspending?

American credit card debt has reached more than $935 billion. It's time to help people tackle debt and get on top of their finances.

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Nutrition after Addiction: Healing Mind and Body Together

It's so important for people in recovery to make informed food choices and develop sound eating and physical activity habits. This March — National Nutrition Month — put your best fork forward.

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Why We’re Losing the War on Drugs and Alcohol

We can’t solve this persistent and complex problem without identifying reasons why there has been little success in curbing America’s appetite for drugs and alcohol. We need a new way of thinking.

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How Meditation Could Be the Key to Senior Addiction Recovery

Holistic treatment methods may be very beneficial during the recovery of an elderly addict. Meditation and yoga not only improve the mind and body connection but also teach the concept of mindfulness.​

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Why Your ‘Social’ Drinking Isn’t So Social

We must stop using “everyone does it” as an excuse for irresponsible behavior. Let’s encourage one another in taking the drinking out of being social.

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Build Good Habits to Repair Your Addiction-damaged Heart

Although drug and alcohol abuse can weaken the heart as well as other organs, good practices can help stop further damage or even heal it a little. The important thing is to quit the addiction and build new, better habits.

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The Failing Stigma and Treatment of Mental Illness

What is wrong in the world when we’ve seen so much violence and so many lives lost as a result of untreated and avoided mental wellness issues? What is the stigma people look to avoid that turns into untreated symptoms that results in mass chaos and destruction?

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A Father’s Road to Recovery

A story of hope from a courageous father who supported his daughter from addiction to achieving recovery ​

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Should You Tell Your Employer You Have a Substance Abuse Problem?

Never let the stigma of addiction stop you from getting help. Seeking help for your substance abuse is one of the most courageous decisions you can make.

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Recovery for a Native Son

After losing six brothers to alcoholism, Mike Williams Sr. raced the Iditarod carrying precious cargo in his sled: the sobriety pledges of hundreds of people. It’s just one way that the community leader is inspiring wellness among Alaskan natives.

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Recovery Retreats

Whether you’re trying to give up smoking, reconnect with the 12-steps or learn how to find balance and happiness in sobriety, there’s likely a recovery retreat that can help you get there.

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Codependency: An Unexpected Addiction

Getting help for your codependency can revolutionize the way you live your life, see yourself and approach situations. Get the help you need today.

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How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Sober

Celebrating any holiday without alcohol can be difficult for some. With these ideas and many others out there, you should have no trouble celebrating in a way that’s right for you.

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East Village Voice

An interview with gay writer Tim Murphy, whose epic third novel, Christodora, is the queer book of the summer, perhaps the year

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With Every Beat of Her Heart

An interview with Nina Diaz

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Healing the Addicted Brain

Read the first chapter of the revolutionary, science-based alcoholism and addiction recovery program by Dr. Harold Urschel.

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Why ‘Smart’ Drugs Only Make You Dumber

Dr. Harold Urschel, chief medical strategist of Dallas-based Enterhealth and author of the New York Times best-seller Healing the Addicted Brain, on the implications of using “smart drugs” to improve performance ​

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Schedule a Screening of Generation Found

Generation Found is Greg Williams’ latest effort to give a voice to the millions affected by addiction.

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Releasing Stigma’s Grip

Addiction touches all walks of life. The good news is recovery is within reach.

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My First Christmas Sober

The mere thought of getting sober in autumn was overwhelming for me, and I truly struggled with the idea of a sober holiday season, shorter days and fast-approaching sober nights. I had to reach deep inside myself to find the courage and the strength to put one foot in front of the other if I wanted to save my own life.

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Holiday Spirit? Bartender, Make Mine a Double!

Alcohol is a big part of many holiday celebrations, and many people drink to excess during this time. For people in recovery, navigating family dynamics can be an emotional trigger.

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Or the greatest potential for stress and chaos? Ten tips for staying sober during the holidays.

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Without Feathers

Life without hope may be our best chance for peace.

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Why It’s OK Not to Drink Once You’re Legal

You don’t have to drink alcohol to have a good time. There are plenty of reasons why not drinking is a good idea. And there are plenty of ways to have fun without it!

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Stress Main Cause of Smoking After Childbirth

Mothers who quit smoking in pregnancy are more likely to light up again after their baby is born if they feel stressed.

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New Research About Shopping Addiction

Addicted to shopping? A group of researchers has developed a new and unique method to measure shopping addiction: The Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale.

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One Step Closer to a New Drug for Alcohol Dependence

New dopamine stabilizer shows promise for providing relief from alcohol dependence.

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Winter Blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Call it what you like — a drink or two will fix it, right?

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Asian Shame and Addiction: Suffering in Silence

Asian cultures are rooted in shame. We are known as shame-based cultures since our lives, families and mindsets revolve around some aspect of shame. I should know, as my life was once shackled by shame.

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Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

Just as with substance abuse recovery, you can live a long, beautiful life free of the restraint of your ED. The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

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A Losing Proposition

S. A. Stolinsky, PhD, a licensed psychologist, delves deep into the hidden world of gambling addiction in her private practice and in her new suspense thriller, Hot Shot.

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Economy Suffers as a Result of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol use continues to be drain on American economy.

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Oxycontin and Vicodin 'Script Could Increase Teen Risk of Addiction

Prescription pain relievers place teens at greater risk for future drug misuse.

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Stress, Resiliency and the Modern Life

The world is changing, and stress is plentiful, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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Dual Diagnosis in College: How Students Can Get Help

Mood disorders, substance abuse and addiction and dual diagnosis can have serious effects on a college student’s well-being. However, help is available and recovery is possible.

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Smoking Is a Gateway to Alcoholism

Researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine have found that nicotine cancels out the sleep-inducing effects of alcohol, which they believe sheds light on the reason alcohol and nicotine usage are so closely linked.

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There’s No Such Thing as ‘Real’ Recovery

It’s easy to want recovery to have a neat definition that you can pinpoint, but labeling anyone’s recovery journey as real or otherwise benefits no one — especially someone who is trying to recover.

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Drinking May Raise Breast Cancer Risk

A new study out of Europe supports the notion that drinking raises women's risk of breast cancer.

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That Sober Mom

Being a young, sober woman raising two daughters has posed many unique challenges over the years. As my children grow up, I am put in different circles with different people. And it turns out book clubs and cookie swaps are not always what they seem.

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The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

A morning routine should hold depth and weight, pushing you toward a healthier and happier mind, body and spirit. All you need is nine minutes to change your life. Are you willing to try?

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Loving Someone in Recovery

Dr. Beverly Berg offers the answers you need when your partner is recovering from addiction.

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I’m Sober, Now What?

Our choices move us closer to, or further away from, addiction. Healthy coping skills can mean the difference between long-term sobriety and relapse.

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Nearly 30 Percent of Teenagers Rode in Vehicle Operated by Impaired Driver Last Year

A survey finds that many teens knowingly ride with drunk drivers.

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Instragram May Play a Role in Observing Teen Drinking Habits

New technology can mine data from Instagram to monitor teenage drinking patterns.

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Catholic Church Leaders Advocate for Reform of Prison Sentencing

The U.S. Catholic Church has vocalized their support of the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015, which will provide prisoners with additional job training, counseling and recovery support.

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Playing Cards — Sober

Chris Rosburg created a recovery support program out of his own experience to help others get sober and stay sober.

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This Is Your Brain On Drugs — Any Questions?

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids launches the “Fried Egg 2016” campaign re-imagined for today's parents.

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Everyone Is Addicted to Something

Playwright Elise Maurine Milner tackles higher powers, making amends and all the steps in between in 12 Steps, the Musical.

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Back to School: How to Manage College Sober

Going to school in sobriety is a glorifying accomplishment — an accomplishment that has the potential to boost your self-confidence and help you to achieve a level of self-worth that you never knew possible.

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Post-college Depression: How Alcohol Can Make It Worse

on Aug 07, 2016 04:25 AM

One of the symptoms of post-college depression is excessive drinking. It's relatively easy to turn to the bottle to temporarily cure your woes. Post-college depression and alcohol definitely mix often, but they don't mix well.

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How to Help a Close Friend with Addiction

on Aug 05, 2016 02:44 PM

The presence of a close, supportive peer network is a decisive factor in achieving positive recovery outcomes. But it’s also the case that not knowing how to help a close friend with addiction can be an obstacle to intervening effectively or intervening at all.

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Debunking the Negative Stigma of Addiction Treatment

on Jul 27, 2016 12:08 PM

Here are the common misconceptions about addiction treatment debunked:

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The Addicts Comedy Tour

on Jul 21, 2016 08:35 PM

Comedians Mark Lundholm and Kurtis Matthews combine just enough laughter with tears, showing audiences that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Addiction and Relapse — Are Hormones to Blame?

on Jul 21, 2016 07:42 PM

Determining your hormonal balance and taking it into account from the beginning will promote a faster, more successful recovery and improve your chances of remaining clean and sober with a lower chance of relapsing.

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Summer Fun and Sobriety: Can They Really Mix?

The summer months are particularly difficult in early sobriety. Aside from every holiday, the summer months are the perfect excuse for copious amounts of alcohol. But when you gather a group of sober people for any activity, you are bound to have fun.

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The Next Gateway Drug

on Jul 07, 2016 08:48 PM

Dr. Lisa Strohman, founder and director of the Technology Wellness Center, talks about the global issue of technology addiction and overuse.

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Hope for the Prisoners of Heroin

on Jul 06, 2016 10:45 PM

Freedom from active addiction is available to anyone willing enough to take a suggestion. Once you make the decision to get clean, you are no longer powerless and living in a hopeless state of mind. You are now on your way. You have bailed yourself out of heroin's prison, and you never have to go back.

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

on Jul 06, 2016 03:46 PM

An international expert on sexual addiction, Doug Weiss has been teaching people how to have great sex for more than 30 years.

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Life After Relapse: How to Bounce Back and Start Over

on Jul 06, 2016 01:57 PM

One relapse doesn’t have to precede a complete downward spiral into that old dark tunnel of substance abuse. You can rebound.

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Patrick Kennedy on The Axe Files

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy opens up about addiction and pushes for mental health reform.

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The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin

Tracey Helton Mitchell's memoir offers hope for life without addiction.

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Addiction Is Parents' Greatest Fear

More than terrorism, economic collapse, crime and war, parents' greatest fear is that their kids will become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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Demystifying Postpartum Addiction

on Jun 28, 2016 12:13 PM

Postpartum addiction is rarely spoken of, yet a number of new mothers find themselves turning to drugs and alcohol in an effort to cope with the demands of motherhood.

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From Drunk and Dying to Authentic and Thriving

on Jun 27, 2016 08:53 PM

Raised in South Carolina and born to question everything, including her sexual identity, Temple Hayes turned to spirit to pull her from the car wrecks of abuse and alcohol addiction. Today, as a new thought global leader, she’s showing others how to be exactly who they are and live the life their hearts' desire.

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The Addictions Coach

on Jun 20, 2016 11:10 PM

Cali Estes isn’t afraid to tell the most powerful people on earth, “No.” In fact, they pay her to do it. A celebrity addiction specialist, Estes has more than 20 years of experience getting everyone from CEOs to rock stars to rehab.

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The Change Agent

on Jun 20, 2016 03:47 PM

Brad Lamm, the Golden Boy of Addiction, talks about his recovery philosophy, how substance use disorders and binge eating disorders work together, and myths about change that keep people stuck.

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We Are Not Alone

on Jun 20, 2016 02:48 PM

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is a resource for parents in recovery.

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Principles of Recovery from the Punk Rock Pulpit

on Jun 20, 2016 02:22 PM

Getting to know Jack Grisham’s A Principle of Recovery: An Unconventional Journey Through The Twelve Steps

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Felon to Father

I am still quite new at being a father, and every day, I get a little better. My biggest gift today is my family, my wife and my recovery.

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Refuge Recovery

There isn’t one road to recovery. Dave Smith talks about one Buddhist's path to recovering from addiction and an upcoming conference with opportunities for collaboration, meditation, education and fun.​

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Forgiving an Addict & Forgiving Yourself

on Jun 06, 2016 02:51 PM

A story of losing a parent to substance abuse

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From Convict to Rabbi: Rabbi Mark Borovitz Is the Holy Thief

on Jun 02, 2016 11:35 AM

Rabbi Mark Borovitz talks about the spiritual malaise in our country and how we need to recognize that each individual matters. What this means for addicts is that we need to treat the human being, not the disease.

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Through the Eye of the Needle

on Jun 02, 2016 10:18 AM

We were once all the same: little kids dreaming of flying to space, becoming doctors, lawyers and firemen. What if you took the time to see the disease as insidious and not the person?

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Asking This One Question Can Identify Problem Drinking

A new study found that a single question about frequency of drinking accurately identified problem drinking, offering a quick way to screen teenagers for risky drinking.

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Voice Winner Alisan Porter on Battling Alcoholism

How former child star Alisan Porter overcame her addiction and went on to win The Voice

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The Heaviest Drug Use State by State

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports where people drink the most booze and do the most drugs.

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Research Shows Long-lasting Effects from Adolescent Alcohol Exposure

on Jun 01, 2016 09:41 PM

A new study from Binghamton University shows alcohol exposure during adolescence leads to chronic stress vulnerability.

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The Woman in the Mirror

on Jun 01, 2016 09:22 PM

There used to be a time I hated my own reflection when I looked in the mirror. Today, I have gratitude in my heart. I am very thankful for my past. I am grateful to be in recovery. Today, I like the girl looking back at me in the mirror.

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Dax Shepard Discusses Child Molestation And Addiction

on May 24, 2016 10:29 PM

Parenthood actor Dax Shepard discusses the link between child molestation and addiction.

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9 Mistakes Family and Friends Make During Addiction Recovery

on May 24, 2016 09:08 PM

It takes a lot of strength for addicts to overcome addiction and remain sober. There are many things that can trigger relapse; therefore, it is vital not to make these nine mistakes during the recovering process.

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The Role of Friends, Family and Strong Support Networks in Overcoming Addiction

on May 13, 2016 01:11 AM

Throughout the entire recovery process, from first seeking help to participating in therapy, friends, family and an extended support network have a great impact on the recovery process and can dramatically affect the long-term success of recovery.

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Meet Evan "Bullet" James, the Extractor

on May 12, 2016 10:54 PM

A new show on A&E called Extractors follows ex-con, gangster and recovering drug addict Evan "Bullet" James and his team as they locate missing teens and extract them from life-threatening situations.​

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Truth Is Discovered, Not Taught

on May 12, 2016 02:02 PM

Our greatest gift is what we hold inside, a power held inside by fear and false perception. Faith is the courage to get through fear.

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Kevin’s Story

on May 12, 2016 12:57 PM

A single moment can alter your story forever. For Barry Adkins, that moment came one Sunday morning when three police officers arrived at his doorstep and handed him his son's driver's license.

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The Three-stage Model of Addiction

on May 12, 2016 11:58 AM

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine describes three stages of addiction: getting high, avoiding the low and craving.

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Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Opens Up About Addiction

on May 12, 2016 11:38 AM

In a moving essay for the Huffington Post, actress Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about her past addiction to prescription pills.

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Barry’s Big Vision

on May 05, 2016 08:37 PM

When Barry Jay gave up drugs, he needed somewhere to transfer his addiction. Now, with 11 years sober and a revolutionary exercise program known as “The Best Workout in the World,” Jay is addicted to staying sober and helping others do the same.

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Prince's Death Sheds Light on Painkiller Addiction and Dependence

on May 04, 2016 01:28 PM

The exact cause of Prince's death remains unclear; however, speculations of decadeslong drug use reveal just how widespread opioid dependence is.

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Predicting Painkiller Addiction Relapse

on May 04, 2016 01:08 PM

A new report suggests later age when first taking drugs, injecting drugs and using tranquilizers all point to a high risk for opioid relapse.

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The Painful Goodbye: Loving an Addict

on May 04, 2016 12:04 PM

Who would have thought the best thing you could ever do for your child would be to say, “No. Goodbye. Get help, and we will be here after.” It’s hard to stomach. It really is. But who knows what my tombstone would have said if mom and dad kept feeding my disease. When my parents finally learned to say, "No," they saved my life.

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What Is a Standard Drink?

on Apr 29, 2016 12:15 PM

A standard drink helps people keep track of how much they've consumed. But research shows that not only are most people surprised to learn what counts as a drink but also that the definition of a standard drink depends on where in the world someone is drinking.

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Recovery Advocate Leslie Glass Receives ASAM Media Award

on Apr 16, 2016 04:54 PM

The New York Times best-selling author Leslie Glass honored for her documentary, The Secret World of Recovery.

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Is It Stress Or Depression — Let’s Find Out

on Apr 16, 2016 02:37 PM

In order to determine whether you’re dealing with stress or depression, it’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of both.

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Unbecoming What Is Not You

on Apr 14, 2016 02:21 PM

Maybe the journey of someone’s life is not so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming what is not you so you can eventually be who you were meant to be in the first place.

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TV, Movies Are Spreading the Message That Recovery Is Cool

on Apr 14, 2016 01:37 PM

Harry Haroutunian, physician director of the Professionals Program at the Betty Ford Center, explains why more TV shows and movies are portraying people in recovery.

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The Ultimate Guide to Dating Somebody in Recovery

on Apr 07, 2016 05:05 PM

Here are eight tested tips for dating somebody in recovery. This guide compiles tips from experts as well as a number of tips we discovered by questioning folk who've managed to sustain a loving relationship despite prior addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

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10 Tips for Surrounding Yourself with the Right People After Rehab

on Apr 04, 2016 03:31 PM

Choosing the people you socialize with is critical in order to stay clean. These 10 tips will help you choose people who will support you in your recovery.

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Six Ways to Manage Your Fear and Anxiety

on Apr 04, 2016 02:44 PM

How to deal with chronic fear and anxiety

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Hazelden Betty Ford Applauds Obama's Steps to Confront Opioids Crisis

The Hazelden Betty Ford Institute for Recovery Advocacy supports Obama's steps forward on addressing the opioids crisis.

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Oscar- and Grammy-winning Artist Paul Williams Reflects on Recovery

on Mar 29, 2016 03:04 PM

“We’ve Only Just Begun" songwriter talks about his struggle with addiction and his 25 years of sobriety at the YMCA of Greater Long Beach 2016 Good Friday breakfast.

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Four Reasons Why Older Adults Struggle with Addiction

on Mar 23, 2016 02:21 PM

Harry Haroutunian, physician director of the Professionals Program at the Betty Ford Center, explains why so many older adults are having issues with addiction.

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Research Shows Meditation Significantly Reduces Pain

on Mar 22, 2016 01:07 PM

Research published in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that meditation can reduce pain, which could help people who want to replace opioids for pain relief.

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New Program Uses Surfing to Help People Recover

Saltwater Sessions, an eight-week program in Los Angeles, combines surfing and mindfulness to help people recover from addiction.

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New CDC Guidelines to Fight Opioid Addiction

on Mar 20, 2016 12:29 PM

More than 40 Americans die every day from opioid painkiller overdoses. To combat the epidemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines targeted at primary care physicians.​

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From Night Terrors to Peaceful Sleep

on Mar 18, 2016 11:33 PM

Today I believe in miracles because I became one. I thought I never stood a chance at a happy and healthy life, and now I have one.

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A Work in Progress

on Mar 15, 2016 09:56 PM

I learned that there are two primary choices in life: Accept the conditions I have found myself in as they exist, or take the full personal responsibility to change them. I made a choice to change.

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Robert Downey Jr. Congrats Son on Sobriety and New Single

on Mar 14, 2016 01:55 PM

Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. supports son Indio through addiction and recovery

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How Tele-medicine Could Change Addiction Treatment

on Mar 08, 2016 02:26 AM

Inpatient addiction treatment is expensive. Could telemedicine and telehealth be the key to making addiction treatment work?

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Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Talks Drug Addiction

on Mar 08, 2016 01:56 AM

Celebrity chef, best-selling author, and television host Anthony Bourdain dishes on his drug addiction and getting clean.

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Betty Ford Center on Why Addiction is a Disease

Harry Haroutunian, physician director of the Professionals Program at the Betty Ford Center, explains why addiction is referred to as a disease.

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Hollywood Hunk Joe Manganiello Finds Recovery, Then Love

on Mar 03, 2016 03:01 PM

Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello says he could only find love with Sofia Vergara after he overcame his addiction to alcohol.

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Can Virtual Reality Help Heroin Addicts Navigate Recovery?

on Mar 01, 2016 02:05 PM

A new study at the University of Houston research whether virtual reality can help heroin addicts kick their addiction.

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The First Cut Is the Deepest

How a breakup sent one woman down a path of destruction and how recovery got her back on the right track​

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How To Help An Addict Get Help

on Feb 28, 2016 03:41 PM

Six suggestions on how to convince a person struggling with alcohol or drugs to get the help they need. ​

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Former NFL Quarterback Max Hall on Recovery

on Feb 28, 2016 03:36 AM

Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Max Hall talks addiction and recovery

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Ignition Interlock Systems Save Millions of Lives

on Feb 28, 2016 03:12 AM

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, ignition interlock systems in cars have prevented 1.77 million attempts at drunk driving since 1999

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Project Amp: Drug Prevention and Early Intervention by Kids for Kids

on Feb 26, 2016 04:21 PM

How young peers in recovery are amplifying prevention and early intervention

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Seven Things You Need to Know When Going to Rehab

on Feb 26, 2016 02:34 PM

Seven suggestions on what you should and should not do when going to rehab for the first time.

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Cumberland Heights Celebrates 50th Anniversary

on Feb 26, 2016 05:40 AM

A nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment center in Nashville celebrates half a century of helping people to recover

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Basketball Star ESPN Analyst Jay Williams Talks Addiction

on Feb 22, 2016 02:31 PM

Basketball star Jay Williams talks basketball, addiction and depression in his book Life Is Not An Accident: A Memoir of Reinvention.

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Kelly Osbourne Is the Woman of the Year

on Feb 18, 2016 03:06 PM

Kelly Osbourne, recipient of the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House Woman of the Year award, talks about her years of struggles overcoming substance abuse and becoming a role model for her generation.

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Five Industries with a Drug & Alcohol Problem

on Feb 18, 2016 02:27 PM

Take a look at five industries with high rates of substance use and what employers can do to recognize signs of substance abuse and get their employees help.

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New FBI Doc Shows Dangers of Drug Use

on Feb 16, 2016 02:08 PM

Chasing the Dragon, a new documentary produced at the directive of FBI Director James Comey, aims to show teens the dangers of abusing prescription painkillers.

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New Study on Parents and Adolescent Drinking

on Feb 16, 2016 01:29 PM

The heaviest consumers of alcohol among youth ages 11 to 17 are teenagers who have the lowest levels of parental control, according to a study of adolescents' drinking habits.

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Recovery Road Features Teenage Girl Dealing with Addiction

on Feb 10, 2016 10:39 PM

Maddie, a 16-year-old high school student, comes to terms with her reputation as a party girl and the dark side of addiction in the TV show Recovery Road

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Before It's Too Late

A grieving mother has become a resource to anyone who needs help fighting addiction, no matter how many times she's helped them before.

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Teens Talk Drugs, Peer Pressure and Prevention

on Dec 29, 2015 08:19 PM

The newest episode of "Enough is Enough: Addiction" interviews three 17-year-olds about their experience with drugs.

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Moving Forward In Memory of a Friend

When her son's best friend committed suicide, Gail became determined to become part of the solution to young people's problems.

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On The Front Line of Addiction

In the latest episode of "Enough is Enough: Addiction" an ER doctor shares his experience treating overdose victims.

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A Family Shaped By Addiction

The Masters family had two children addicted to heroin. One lost the battle, and one fought her way to recovery.

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Jesse's Story: Pot as a Gateway

In the first episode of "Enough is Enough: Addiction" we hear from a man whose pot habit led to opiate addiction.

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Renew Announces "Enough is Enough: Addiction" Film Series

The documentary series is available online, beginning today.

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Adults Aged 50-59 Are Largest Group in Opiate Treatment

The number of adults aged 50-59 in treatment for opiate addiction has risen from 7 percent to nearly 36 percent.

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Rap About Addiction

The artists' new song is dedicated to a friend who overdosed in 2010.

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At Risk of Relapse

We all want to succeed in recovery, but often time setbacks are part of the journey.

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Alcohol, Rape Affect 15 Percent of College Freshmen

Intoxicated rapes are more common than forcible rapes on campus.

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CC Sabathia: 'It's a Disease'

The Yankees pitched asked for understanding from fans.

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Dwayne Johnson on Depression and Faith

The former wrestling star says that he wishes someone had told him it would get better.

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Army Revises Failing Substance Abuse Program

The new program will have a more medical focus.

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Studying Cravings To Understand Addiction

The research could aid in treating addiction.

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Life Well Spent

Spending and shoplifting can have powerful addictive pulls, but recovery is possible.

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Drug Abuse is Top Issue for New Hampshire Voters

A new poll shows that addressing drug abuse is more important than jobs or the economy for New Hampshire voters.

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Easing Into Exercise

In recovery, moderation is key, even when it comes to a good thing like physical activity.

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Americans Taking More Prescriptions Than Ever

Nearly 60 percent of Americans take a pill daily.

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Motown's Smokey Robinson: 'I Was a Walking Corpse'

Robinson overcame cocaine addiction with prayer and support.

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Mandala Healing Center Opens in West Palm Beach

The Delray Recovery Center has been rebranded.

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Drugs, Suicide Lower Life Expectancy For Americans

The uptick in mortality is unprecedented according to the National Academy of Sciences.

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Chris Christie Urges Empathy and Action for Addicts

In New Hampshire, the Presidential candidate got personal about addiction.

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Wes Bentley Wants to Help Other Artists Get Sober

The American Horror Story star says that overcoming shame is one of the hardest things about addiction.​

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Sleep Helps Explain Connection Between Alcohol, Nicotine

Because alcohol causes sleepiness, people who use nicotine, a stimulant, in conjunction with alcohol tend to consume more drinks.

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A Healing B.A.L.M. for Families Dealing with Addiction

Al-anon has long told family members that they didn't cause the addiction, they can't control it, and they can't cure it. But a new family support program is adding a forth, empowering "c," telling families that they can contribute to their love one's recovery.

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Rob Lowe: 'Sobriety has Given me Everything of Value'

In the Fall issue of Renew, the superstar shares how 25 years of sobriety have shaped his life.

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In West Virginia, Obama Discusses Opiates

The president says that addiction could strike any family, including his.

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Travis Barker: 'I was Meant to be Sober.'

The drummer has been sober for eight years.

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The Retreat Offers Recovery Scholarships

on Oct 17, 2015 05:32 PM

The scholarships are available through November 12.

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Tom Hanks Stands By Son Through Addiction

Chat Hanks, 25, has been sober for 50 days.

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Addiction Officially Defined as Brain Disorder

Previously, the disease had been defined as a behavioral problem.

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Renewal Center Brings Hope and Friendship

For 25 years, the Renewal Center at Hazelden Betty Ford has been making a difference for people in long-term sobriety.

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Gerard Butler says He Has an 'Addictive Personality'

The actor opened up in an interview with Men's Health Magazine.

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Patrick Kennedy: Every Candidate Needs an Addiction Plan

Son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy emphasizes that addiction affects all families, and is a national health crisis.

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CC Sabathia Misses Postseason for Rehab

The Yankees pitcher will miss the playoffs to complete rehab

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Surgeon General Announces Report on Addiction

The Surgeon General vowed to pull addiction out from the shadows and treat the disease with science.​

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Study Examines Nicotine 'Choosers' and 'Avoiders'

The research found that some people are more vulnerable to nicotine than others.

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Obama Addresses Drug Abuse

The president talked about the issue on National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.

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Advocacy Day to Follow UNITE Rally

Citizens will ask members of congress for expanded and improved addiction legislation.

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Princess Kate Visits Addicted Inmates

The Duchess said that the visit opened her eyes to addiction.

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The Fast Facts of Addiction

Every September during the National Recovery Month, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) releases the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

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CVS Makes Naloxone Available Without Prescription

The chain pharmacy will make the antidote drug available in 50 california stores.

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Radio Show Details Road to Recovery

The radio cast is part of National Recovery Month.

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Obituary Focuses on a Life Lived in Recovery

Thomas Van Wagner took his last drink 47 years ago, but it was still the first thing that has obituary mentioned.

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Carly Fiorina: 'I Buried a Child to Drug Addiction'

The Republican candidate talked about her family's struggles with addiction.

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Caron Treatment Centers Hosts Workshops in London, Madrid

The conferences will feature experts from around the globe.

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The Dance of Recovery

Movement, consciousness and freedom.

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Finding Friendship at the Renewal Center

Twenty-six years ago, I met the group of ladies that would support me through a lifetime of recovery.​

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Mayo Clinic Attempts to Study the Beginnings of Addiction

Study looks at people who are prescribed opiates.

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Clinton Announces Treatment, Addiction Strategy

Hillary Clinton says we need to focus on treatment, prevention.

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Vermont Governor Discussed Drug Treatment Initiatives

In 2014, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin dedicated his entire State of the State Address to the opiate epidemic, and urging his fellow lawmakers to help make a difference.

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Talk to Kids About Alcohol by Age Nine

Many parents dread talking to their kids about drugs and alcohol, but a new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that this talk must happen early to be most affective – ideally before kids even hit double digits.

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September is National Recovery Month

This year's theme is "visible, vocal, valuable."

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College Students Often Begin Using During the Summer

However, winter is the time that most students begin using prescription study aids.

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The Rising Connection Between Gambling, White-Collar Crime

Since legalizing gambling in 2004, many public officials have been convicted of white-collar crimes.​

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Former Miss USA: Alcoholism Isn't a Moral Failing

Tara Conner is fighting the stigma of addiction.

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Danny Trejo On 47 Years of Sobriety

Recovery is a blessing and a responsibility, he says.

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A Family's Roller Coaster Ride Begins to Slow

Years after first writing for Renew, a mother is finally enjoying a family in recovery.

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Reality Star Stephanie Pratt Struggled with Addiction, Eating Disorders

The star tried many different drugs and treatments throughout the years.

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Jeb Bush: We Need 'Recovery Philosophy'

At a New Hampshire Rally, Bush was asked how he would curb the heroin epidemic.

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Alanis Morissette Defines Recovery from Eating Disorders

The singer has detailed her struggle with eating disorders in Women's Health.

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Macklemore: 'Do You Want to Live Life or Escape It?'

After finding out that he was going to be a father, the rapper became serious about getting sober.

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Matthew Perry Talks Life After Treatment

The star says you can't expect the problem to be solved in 28 days.

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Steven Tyler, Sheryl Crow Will UNITE to Face Addiction

The two are among many celebrities who will perform at the October 4 Rally.

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White House Funds Heroin Response Strategy

The money will be used to hire public safety and public health coordinators.

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Fish Oil Could Cut Risk of Mental Illness

A new study finds that fish oil can make a big difference in outcomes for people at risk of developing mental illness.

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FDA Approves OxyContin for Use in Teens

The drug will now be used for kids 11 and older.

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Is Anxiety an Addiction?

We know that thoughts can make chemical changes in the brain. So is it so far fetched to believe that negative thinking can be addictive?

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Bacteria Could Be Key to Quitting Nicotine

Researchers found a bacteria that eats nicotine could take the reward out of cigarette smoking.

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Elton John Marks 25 Years of Sobriety

The superstar says he has made it one day at a time.

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Cocaine Conditions the Brain for Relapse, Study Finds

By changing communications in the brain, the drug links stress with seeking pleasure.

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Eminem Says Exercise Helped Him Stay Sober

After a 2007 overdose, the rapper turned to exercise to help him regain control of his body and life.

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Cortisol May Curb Drug Cravings

A study showed that the stress hormone can reduce cravings in heroin addicts.

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Navigating Divorce

Divorce is never easy, but using a mediator can make it more manageable.

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Government Pledges $100 Million to Fight Addiction

The funds will finance medical treatment and other support.

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Study: Porn Compulsion Shouldn't Be Labelled Addiction

People who had trouble controlling their sexual behavior responded differently on brain scans.

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Partying At the Break of Dawn

A new breed of sober dance parties is proving popular around the globe.

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58 People Placed in Treatment Through Police Program

Although it is early, the program is being called a success.

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NIH Identifies Gene Variant Linked to AUD

Identifying the gene could lead to better treatment options in the future.

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The Healing Power of Art Therapy

For 30 years, Dr. Scott has used art therapy to heal trauma and abuse.

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WHO: Millions Lack Mental Health Care

Mental health does not have the same resources as other conditions, a report finds.

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Addiction May Affect Women's Brains More Than Men's

A recent study found that formerly addicted women had less gray matter in their brains.

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John Stamos Enters Rehab After DUI

The "Fuller House" star checked himself into a residential treatment program after being arrested last month.

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Choosing Love, Pushing Back

Codependency and addiction can make for a dysfunctional relationship. Knowing when to support your partner and when to stand up for your own needs can be a key to success.

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Eye Color Linked With Alcoholism

Blue-eyed people have the highest rates of Alcohol Use Disorder.

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Sober Celebrations: Fourth of July

From drinks to dessert, this Texas Barbeque is sure to please.

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NIAAA Conducts Trials on Alcohol Treatment Drug

Horizant is already used to treat restless leg syndrome and nerve pain.

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Number of Babies Born Drug Dependent Skyrockets

In the U.S. the number of babies born drug-dependent has quadrupled since 2004.

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Using Virtual Reality to Treat Addiction

Researchers say that this technique could help people overcome alcoholism.

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App helps prevent opiate addiction

App will track pill use, and the effects on pain.

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James Taylor: Addiction 'Freezes You.'

The singer spoke with the Telegraph about new new album and old problems.

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The Ranch Announces New Director

Marshall Millikin formerly served on the Board of Directors.

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High-End Sober Living expands in L.A.

The newest sober house will open in Beverly Hills.

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George Michael Checks into Rehab

The singer was reportedly smoking up to 25 joints every day.

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NIDA announces long-term study of teen brains

The research will be conducted over the course of ten years.

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AA celebrates 80 years of sobriety

On June 10, 1935, Dr. Bob took his last drink.

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Deli serves up second chances

At one Nashville restaurant, 65 percent of employees are in recovery.

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Study: 14 percent of Americans have a drinking disorder

The new DSM-5 lays out expanded guidelines for diagnosing a variety of

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A SMART option

Last year, SMART recovery celebrated two decade of helping people find sobriety by emphasizing personal accountability.

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SAMHSA announces focus on drug-free workplaces

Over three-quarters of drug users are employed.

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12 steps for a great summer in recovery

No drinks? No problem! Make a sober summer the best summer yet.

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Clinton prioritizes addiction treatment

After hearing feedback in New Hampshire and Iowa, Clinton will make addiction a focus.

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MusiCares Honors Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend of The Who, credits recovery for his success.

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Recovery of the Soul

At Caron Treatment Centers, addressing patients' spiritual needs is essential to success.

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Comedian Craig Gass is serious about recovery

After using cocaine through all of his early adulthood, Gass decided something needed to change when he had a heart attack at 32.

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Beyond the win

Gambling addiction is about much more than a desire for money.

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Service launches to match sober roommates

The site hosts over 6,000 listings across the U.S.

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Alcohol kills more people than AIDS, violence and TB combined

A new report finds high alcohol consumption across the globe.

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Creed frontman discusses psychosis, addiction

Scott Stapp, lead singer for the band Creed, is opening up about his mental illness and substance abuse, after a breakdown last fall that left him hospitalized.

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Clothing brand fights mental health stigma

Wear Your Label proports to design clothing that starts a conversation about mental health, according to the brand's website.

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The ten tuths I'll tell my son about drugs

Addiction runs along family lines, so it’s critical to talk to your kids about substance abuse. But that doesn’t make it easy. Here are my ten truths for discussing drug addiction with my son.

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HIV outbreak continues in Indiana

A state of emergency has been declared.

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Rob Lowe celebrates 25 years sober

The Hollywood star took to twitter to spread hope.

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Sobriety, center stage

For 25 years, MusiCares has been helping people in the music industry achieve and maintain sobriety, saving lives across the country.

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May is Mental Health Month

This year's theme is "B4stage4."

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Police to addicts: surrender drugs, receive treatment

One Massachusetts town is experimenting with a different way to fight drug use.

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Click bait

With computers in our pockets and high-speed access nearly anywhere, the internet has become an every-present force in our lives. But when does being connected cross the line?

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Starting treatment in the ER could increase success

Intervening in a person's addiction when he comes to the emergency room for medical treatment can increase the chances that that patient successful enters treatment, a new study has found.

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'We share a lot of the same defects.'

Social Distortion's Mike Ness and his son Julian sit down with Renew to talk about addiction, family and forgiveness.

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Americans' drinking at an all-time high

A new study has found that Americans are not drinking in moderation.

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Young diabetics at risk for depression, eating disorders

A study by Columbia University has found that young type one diabetics are at risk for depression, anxiety and disordered eating.

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Hillary Clinton vows to make addiction, mental illness, a focus in 2016

Presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a group of New Hampshire voters that she would make the “quiet epidemic” of substance abuse a focus of the 2016 presidential campaign.​

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When recovery comes home

Knowing how to support your loved one when she returns from treatment will set you both up for success.

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Actress Glen Close is vocal about mental illness

The star has opened up about mental illness in her family.

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Manziel leaves rehab in time for offseason workouts

Football star Johnny Manziel completed 10 weeks in rehab.

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Nicotine use promotes alcohol dependence

A new study shows a scientific link between alcohol cravings and nicotine.

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Sum 41 frontman discusses the price of drinking

Another rocker is speaking out about his addiction and recovery, and being open about the painful toll the drinking has taken on his life.

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Vermont leads nation in fight against opiates

Despite its quaint and rural reputation, Vermont has been hard-hit by the opiate epidemic, with more Vermonters in recovery from heroin than alcohol. The state’s drug problem is so bad that last year the governor devoted his State of the State address to the “full-blown heroin crisis.”

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month

The 2015 campaign by NCADD will focus on early education on alcoholism and addiction.

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Study: Up to 30 percent of prescription pain killers are misused

A new study has found that between 20 and 30 percent of drugs prescribed to treat chronic pain are misused.

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Jon Hamm leaves rehab

Jon Hamm, who is famous for playing the heavy-drinking Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men, recently completed rehab from alcoholism.

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McLean Hospital opens treatment center in Maine

McLean Hospital, the largest psychiatric affiliate of Harvard Medical School, has officially opened the doors of McLean Borden Cottage, a residential substance abuse treatment program, in Camden Maine.​

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‘Wonder Woman’ fights alcoholism, stigma

Actress Lynda Carter, best known for playing Wonder Woman in the 1970’s, is opening up about her alcoholism and her 18 years of recovery.

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Demi Lovato celebrates 3 years sober

Singer and former Disney star Demi Lovato celebrated three years in sobriety this week.

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New online support group offered for Veterans, military personnel

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is launching a new online support meeting available for free to U.S. veterans and active military personnel everywhere.

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Investigation finds army substance abuse program 'in disarray'

An investigation by USA Today has found that the Army’s substance abuse program is failing the people it is meant to help, resulting in countless missed opportunities for recovery and up to two dozen suicides.​

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New N.H. drug czar talks economic cost of addiction

The new director for substance misuse and behavioral health in New Hampshire is urging people to look beyond the headlines to understand the real economic cost of drug addiction in the state.

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Florida 6k will fund addiction awareness

Heroes in Recovery, a movement celebrating the heroic efforts of those who seek addiction and mental health treatment, is hosting a family-friendly 6K run/walk event in Coconut Creek, Fla. next month.​

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Go ahead, get angry

Acknowledging your emotions – even the ugly ones – is an important part of recovery.

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Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation using technology to advance care

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation announced that it will be working with IT supplier Cerner Corp. to implement an electronic health record system throughout the organization

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Prescription drug abuse to blame for HIV outbreak in Indiana

Officials in Indiana are dealing with up to 37 new cases of HIV this year, most of which are tied to a users who said they were injecting prescription opiods.

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Beyond sobriety: investors eye treatment centers

Treatment centers are being targeted by investors who see the financial opportunities in the growing sector of the medical industry.

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‘True Blood’ star talks addiction

Stephen Moyer, star of the hit show “True Blood” opened up about his addiction at a panel discussion at the CLARE Foundation.

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Hispanics develop liver disease at younger age

Hispanics who abuse alcohol develop alcoholic liver disease (ALD) four to twelve years earlier than Caucasians or African Americans with similar usage, according to a new study published in the journal "Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research."

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Understanding gambling addiction

When we hear the word “addiction” we tend to associate things like alcohol, illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin, and some prescription drugs. Most of us, including a number of professionals, often forget about the addictive qualities of gambling, or the addiction to winning.

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High-sugar foods most likely to be addictive

A new study is confirming what many people already know – that sugary, processed foods are much more likely to cause problematic eating than healthier options.

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Heroin deaths rise 86 percent in Conn.

In the past two years, the number of heroin overdose deaths in Connecticut has risen 86 percent, from 174 deaths in 2012, to 325 in 2014.

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‘All of a sudden I loved myself.’

How Kay White learned that simple lesson, and how she’s teaching other women to do the same.

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Marijuana becomes legal in Alaska, D.C.

Despite legalization, dangers remain

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Metallica’s James Hetfield credits music with saving his life

The rock ‘n roll lifestyle may have a bad reputation, but Metallica front man James Hetfield says that music saved his life and help him escape addiction.

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‘I had no idea.'

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week shines a spotlight on early detection.

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Report: Smokers have success without quitting cold turkey

new research has shown that a gradual end to smoking can result in long-lasting success.

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Coach: Johnny Manziel ‘in much better place.’

Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine visited Quarterback Johnny Manziel in rehab recently, and said that the player is already reaping the benefits of treatment.

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Narconon International celebrates 50 years

Narconon International drug rehab network is celebrating 50 years of helping individuals achieve sobriety.​

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Senators introduce recovery bill

Amid a widespread drug crisis across the country, U.S. Senators are considering a bill that would support expanded recovery efforts and a drug education plan.

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Euro Tour golfer discusses soda addiction

Peter Lawrie, an Irish golfer on the European tour, says that the recent drop in his golf success is because of addiction – to soda.

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Treatment center offers free flights to eating disorder patients

Remuda Ranch at The Meadows is offering free flights to the treatment center for patients who enroll in 30 days of treatment for eating disorders.

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Rocking Recovery

Wes Geer has played guitar for KoRn, and was a founding member of Hed P.E. Yet his proudest career accomplishment involves one hour, a group of former addicts, and the healing power of music.

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Recovery ‘round the globe

Addiction can affect anyone, anywhere. It’s no wonder that cultures across the globe have developed traditions for breaking addiction and encouraging recovery. What can we learn from the way other cultures treat addiction?

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‘Brady Bunch’ actress details addiction in new memoir

Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia Brady on the iconic television show “The Brady Bunch,” has published a new memoir, which discusses her drug addiction and struggles with sobriety.

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QB Johnny Manziel uses offseason to enter treatment

Cleveland Brown’s Quarterback Johnny Manziel announced that he is entering treatment to become a "better family member, friend and teammate,", without specifying what he is in treatment for.

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Questions, answers and unknowns

Defining your spiritual beliefs – or even choosing to explore them – can be a daunting prospect. Here’s how to get started.

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Study: Technology addictions similar to substance addictions

A new study has found that Facebook usage can activate some of the same regions of the brain as substance abuse.

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Jane, Unchained

Journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell is taking charge and having fun in recovery.

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Breaking depression’s icy grip

Recovery addicts are especially at risk for seasonal depression. Here’s how to see the light.

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Detroit Lions president discusses his battle with alcoholism

Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand recently spoke at his church, discussing his battle with alcoholism and his life in recovery.

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SAMHSA releases guide for opiate treatment

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has released updated guidelines for treating opiate addiction with medicines

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Keith Urban opens up about addiction, recovery

Country super star Keith Urban says that building a life around recovery has strengthened his relationship with actress Nicole Kidman.

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Roadmap to Recovery

Understanding the stages of recovery and developing healthy coping strategies can help you achieve long-term success.

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Betty Ford to open L.A. treatment center

The Betty Ford Center is coming to L.A., opening an outpatient clinic in West Los Angeles next month.

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Sleep problems contribute to substance abuse

If you spend your nights tossing and turning, you may be more at risk for developing addiction.

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Association of Eating Disorder Professionals names new president

The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals has announced the appointment of Kevin Wandler, MD, CEDS, to President of the IAEDP Board of Directors.

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New Directions for Women hosts ‘Be brave’ child safety training

New Directions for Women and the Joyful Child Foundation are hosting a luncheon and training session to teach children even more skills for reacting to dangerous situation.

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You’re sober. Now What?

You’ve changed your drinking habit. Now, it’s time to work on the rest of your life.

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Being active means less risk of alcoholism

It’s no surprise that alcoholism and living a healthy life are at odds, and a new study is confirming the preventative effect that a healthy lifestyle can have over addiction.

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Pete Doherty to establish rehab foundation

The Libertines star will be partnering with The Hope Rehab Center in Thailand, where he was treated, to found the Pete Doherty Hope Initiative.

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Demi Lovato focused on health, balance, in 2014

Singer Demi Lovato has been very public about her battles with substance abuse and eating disorders.​

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Drug, alcohol usage declining among teens.

The 2014 Monitoring the Future study which has looked at the attitudes and behaviors of teenagers over the past forty years, has shown that the use of drugs and alcohol by teenagers is declining.

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Letting go

Letting go is a common theme when starting the New Year, especially as we think about what happened in the year prior.

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‘The Mavericks’ fire member amid drug addiction

The grammy-winning band the Mavericks has had to fire founding member Robert Reynolds, because of what the other band members say is a serious opiate addiction.

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Realistic Resolutions

This New Year, set yourself up for success.

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Addiction increasing among elderly

The number of elderly Americans struggling with alcoholism is expected to nearly double by 2020, according to a study published in the journal Addiction and reported on by The Dallas Morning News

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Caron announces enhanced senior treatment program

Caron Treatment Centers announced today that it will be utilizing proceeds from the successful sale of the Hanley Center to support and enhance its programs in Florida and Pennsylvania, which will include plans for expanding services to seniors.

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Origins acquires two Caron Treatment facilities

Origins Behavioral Healthcare will acquire two addiction treatment centers owned and operated by Caron Treatment Centers: Hanley Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. and Gate Lodge in Vero Beach, Fla.

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Internet addiction is worldwide phenomenon

Six percent of the world is addicted to the internet, according to researchers in Hong Kong.

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ABC picks up ‘Recovery Road.’

ABC will soon have a drama dealing with the highs and lows of addiction and recovery, after the network announced that it will develop the pilot “Recovery Road” into a series.

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Prescription monitoring system widespread in New Jersey

Nearly 85 percent of physicians in New Jersey now have access to the state’s prescription monitoring system, which is designed to help fight prescription drug abuse, according to a news article

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Holidays pose risks to addicts

It’s supposed to be a time of light and cheer, but the holiday season is high-risk for addicts, according to Narconon Freedom Center.

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Social media addiction, substance abuse, linked

Lately there has been a lot of publicity about addictions to technology. Now, a new study has linked heavy social media use with addictive behaviors and substance abuse.

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Obamacare pushes investors toward treatment centers

An increased number of investors are channeling their funds toward treatment centers, driven by the increased market for the centers under The Affordable Care Act, according to Reuters.

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Smoking interferes with alcohol treatment

People who smoke have shorter and less successful stays in alcohol treatment centers, according to a recent study

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Home-based recovery program shows promise

A Connecticut recovery program in which patients remain in their own homes has shown early promise

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Mentally ill more likely to test positive for HIV

People with a mental illness are more likely to test positive for HIV than the general population is, according to a new study from the Center for Disease Control.

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UK approves drug to treat alcoholism

The United Kingdom’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has approved a once-a-day drug that is aimed at reducing the urge to drink.

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In Vermont, more seeking treatment for opiate addiction than alcoholism.

For the first time, more people in Vermont have sought treatment for opiate addiction than have sought treatment for alcoholism, according to the state’s Health Department.

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Children’s Book tackles addiction

A new children’s book about a piggy with a pickle problem is tackling addiction on a level that kids can understand.

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“There’s nothing to do but think about making yourself a better person.”

Seventeen-year-old Jake Giffin faced addiction at an early age and won, thanks to time in the wild and the support of his sober community.

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Pete Doherty pens letter about addiction

Rock ‘n’ roll and drugs are often a tight-knit pair. That was certainly the case for rocker Pete Doherty, of the British band the Libertines.

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Bringing biology to the forefront

Scientists are closer than ever to understanding the biological basis for addiction, and what they are discovering may just change the face of recovery.

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Fearing the feast

Americans love Thanksgiving. But for someone with an eating disorder, the holiday can be stressful and overwhelming.

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Substance Abuse cost N.H. $1.85 billion in 2012

The startling cost of substance abuse has a new number. Researchers have calculated that substance abuse cost the state of New Hampshire $1.85 billion during 2012.

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New recovery center to serve licensed professionals

A new intensive outpatient rehabilitation program has opened in San Diego.

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Schooled in sobriety

There’s no doubt that partying is a favorite activity among high-school and college students. But now, more and more schools are embracing sobriety, and setting their students on the road to recovery.

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First pilot convicted of DUI talks recovery

Lyle Prouse has a distinction that no one wants. In 1986, he became the first commercial airline pilot convicted under a law that made it illegal to operate an airplane while under the influence of drug or alcohol.

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Learning and healing in the great outdoors

Wilderness therapy programs provide hands-on interventions for adolescents and young adults in recovery​

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Sobriety: Getting-close-and-personal

A good stiff drink is a go-to societal solution for staving off awkward silences in the dating scene. But what if you're drinking Diet Coke?

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Up in smoke

With more states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use, the country needs to consider the real health affects of the drug.

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Election Results 2014:

Washington D.C., Oregon legalize pot, Florida rejects medical marijuana

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New documentary explores treatment industry

Vice media has released a new documentary, examining the $35 billion industry of drug treatment.

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9 Steps for Success

From the high-profile CEO to the edgy entrepreneur, some people seem to be doing it all, without breaking a sweat. But really, they’ve tapped into a few key strategies that you can use, too.

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When love isn’t enough

When a child suffers through addiction many parents believe they can offer a quick fix. But it isn’t that simple.

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Study: Biological treatment for cocaine addiction may be possible

Tampering with a receptor protein in the brain may be a way to treat cocaine addiction in the future, according to results from a recent study

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From clutter to clarity

Panicked by piles? Simple advice for taking charge by cutting down.

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EEOC: It’s illegal to treat alcoholics differently

Employers can’t impose special rules on alcoholic employees, such as banning them from drinking or requiring drug testing, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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Castlewood offers holiday intensive treatment program

The holidays can be a tough time, full of family stress and obligations. If you add an eating disorder into the mix, all the food-focused events can seem downright daunting.

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Poppy production rising in Afghanistan

Despite the U.S. spending $7.6 billion to combat the trade, Afghanistan is growing more poppies and producing more opium than ever before, according to a New York Times article

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Steven Tyler: ‘I’m fighting every day.’

Steven Tyler is still fighting addiction and alcoholism every day, he told a group of Drug Court graduates last Thursday.

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Women’s stress, substance use, rise with divorce

Getting divorced is no doubt a stressful time, but a recent Gallup poll has found that women see a greater jump in stress after divorce, and are more likely to use drugs and alcohol to calm themselves.

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Herbie Hancock discusses cocaine addiction

Jazz musician Herbie Hancock managed to keep his cocaine addiction hidden when he was using, but he is telling all now in a new memoir, Possibilities.

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Alcoholism contributed to Elizabeth Peña’s death

"Cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol” has been listed as a cause of death for actress Elizabeth Peña, who died Tuesday.

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Back to Work

Reentering the workforce after addiction can be daunting. Here’s what you need to know to begin working again, on your terms.

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The end of “addict”?

The Drug Policy Alliance is calling on the Associated Press to stop using the term “addict,” and to instead use descriptions that present a more holistic picture of people struggling with substance abuse.

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New website for Sanctuary at Sedona

The Sanctuary at Sedona has launched a new website which outlines the treatment center’s non-12 Step philosophy.

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Shadoe Stevens celebrates 30 years sober

Radio personality Shadoe Stevens is celebrating three decades of sobriety.

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Addicted to the win

There are no illicit substances involved, but gambling addiction can be just as devastating as using drugs or alcohol.

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Hazelden renames women’s recovery center to honor Betty

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has rename its women’s recovery center to honor former First Lady Betty Ford.

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Study: gambling addicts release fewer endorphins than healthy individuals

Gambling addicts release fewer endorphins than healthy individuals, according to a new study

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Practice Imperfect

Is quitting part of your nature? Here’s how to choose a path to success and stick with it.

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First case of internet addiction diagnosed

A thirty-one year old Navy serviceman is the first person to be diagnosed with an internet addiction, according to a new study

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From shameful, to mindful

How to retrain your brain and buoy your spirit

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Senators want stricter warnings on e-cigs

Six senators have written to the F.D.A. asking for stronger warnings on electronic cigarettes, explicitly saying that the devices contain nicotine.

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Five health tests you need now

Addiction takes a toll on your body. Now that you’re in recovery, it’s time to check up on your overall health.

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The power to say ‘No’

When Amber Smith made the choice to get sober, she didn’t realize that cleaning up her drug addiction was just the first step. Only when she acknowledged her codependence was she able to make meaningful changes to her life.

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Bulimia may appear in Elementary school

A few study organized by the Eating Disorders Association of Canada has found that disordered eating can begin earlier than many experts believed.

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In Recovery, too

The children’s program at the Betty Ford Center aims to break the cycle of addiction, one child at a time.

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Christie announces addiction taskforce

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced the formation of a drug addiction taskforce last week. ​

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The Cowboy Way

Lee McCormick is breaking the mold with his unique brand of recovery

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The way of the future

Can brain imaging help treat addiction?

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Kids with strong minds less likely to abuse substances

A new study by the University of Oregon has found that pre-teens with strong executive attention are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

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Michael Phelps enters treatment after DUI

Superstar swimmer Michael Phelps will be entering a treatment program following his arrest last week on DUI charges.

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Getting on the Wagon for #14 Days

“Take the next 14 days to stand strong with your loved ones and even those you do not know who struggle with the disease of addiction.” #14Days sobriety initiative launches today, and invites everyone to stand in solidarity around recovery.

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Renew: The adolescent issue

The latest issue of Renew Magazine explodes the challenges faced by the youngest members of the recovery community, plus plenty more.

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“No kidding? Me too!”

Actor Joe Pantoliano speaks out about the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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New campaign gets everyone on the wagon

For people in recovery, reminders of their sobriety are everywhere

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The Interventionists

When it comes time to step in and do something for a loved ones, these are the people who can help you succeed.

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Did you ever think your occupation could affect your drinking or drug use?

Did you ever think your occupation could affect your drinking or drug use? Or is it the other way around, where you chose a certain career because it allowed you to drink and drug more often?

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Game Changers

The Jennings are at the top of their game – not just with volleyball, but with recovery too

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This Fall, Maintain Your Summer Success

A return to routine might mean more hours behind the desk, while chilly mornings and early dusk zap your motivation to work out. But that’s no excuse not to give your body the attention it needs.

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Friends, not genes, affect teen drinking

A study published in the journal Alcohol: Clinical and Experimental Research, has found that even teens who have a genetic protection against abusing alcohol are likely to drink too much in social situations.

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Bill pushes drug take-back programs

A representative from Illinois introduced a bill this week that would encourage communities to host drug take-back days

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Tech Support

With more and more of our lives going digital, it’s not surprise that aftercare and outpatient therapy are finding a new home online.

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Go beyond your wildest dreams

A (sober) trip to Bali was the perfect way for this author to repair herself

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Alcohol ups danger of HPV

The sexually transmitted disease human papillomavirus will be contracted by at least half of all sexually active people during their lifetime

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Send the demons spinning

Gym owner Andrea Lawent takes you on a wild ride of rock-and-roll meditation, exercise and recovery

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Study links eating disorders, autoimmune disease

A study has concluded that many autoimmune diseases are implicated in the development of eating disorders.​

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White House to stream recovery event

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Recovery Month, the Office of National Drug Control Policy will be hosting a celebratory event

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Cumberland Heights launches recovery month you-tube series

Cumberland Heights, a private treatment center in the Nashville, Tenn. area, has launched a you-tube segment to complement the message of National Recovery Month.

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Red Carpet Recovery

Hollywood starts gathered to support the addiction education

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Zen and the Art of Screaming in Cars

Do you sometimes feel so frustrated that you could scream? Go ahead, do it.

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Canada to review pot policy

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse has ordered a wide review of marijuana policy

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Nebraska program keeps kids with parents in treatment

A new program in Nebraska is working to keep children and parents together while the adults are in treatment for addiction and alcoholism.

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Clean eating becoming eating disorder for some

Clean eating is making some people sick.

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Sober Dating 101

You’ve learned to love yourself, and now you’re looking to share that with someone else. Here’s your getting-started guide to dating in recovery.

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A circle of support

A new program at Caron Treatment Centers provides unprecedented support to addicts and families during the first year in recovery.

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Kids from two-parent households less likely to drink

Children living with two college-educated parents are less likely to drink during their teen years, a new study

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Robert Downey Jr. discusses getting ‘out of that cave’

Robert Downey Jr. opens up to Vanity Faire in the October edition his past struggles with addiction, which led to rehab, arrest and imprisonment.

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Registration open for Northbound golf tournament

The second annual Northbound Golf Tournament – which raises funds for the Northbound treatment center in L.A. – is now accepting registrations.

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Raising awareness of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Most expectant mothers know that they are not supposed to drink while pregnant. Yet, alcohol-exposed pregnancies continue to be a leading cause of birth defects in the United States.

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DEA tightens regulations on common prescription pills

The DEA moved Friday to move the highly addictive hydrocodone combination medications from a schedule III to the more restrictive schedule II classification.

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Tipping into Relief

How a crisis brought clarity to my recovery

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Celebrating National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month, organized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health services Administration (SAMHSA).

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Cell phone addiction is real, study finds

It can be hard to ignore the pings and beeps coming from your smartphone, no matter how interesting the people you are with are.

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A New Riff on Rehab and Record Labels

Clarity Way treatment center supports sober musicians and spreads the message that drugs and rock ‘n roll are not joined at the hip.

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Lending a hand

A growing number of people in recovery are working in the recovery fields, bringing a unique perspective to treatment programs. RENEW caught up with a few of these people to discuss how they’ve moved from helping themselves to helping others.

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Sending Surf to the Dogs

She may have failed puppy school, but Ricochet, the surfing dog, has found her niche helping others on and off the waves.

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Riding the Wave to Recovery

More and more addicts are centering themselves while hitting the surf.

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ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas enters rehab

ABC news anchor Elizabeth Vargas, 51, has entered rehab for alcoholism for the second time in a year.

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Hazelden introduces online Masters in addiction

Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies will begin offering an online master’s degree in addiction studies, beginning with the winter 2015 semester, the school announced.

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LGBT & Sober

Recovery is never easy, but with better programs and counselors for the LGBT community, it’s getting better.

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Products, apps and podcasts to boost your recovery

The more tools to aid in your recovery the better. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Methtacular! opens in Chicago

There are nearly as many ways to find closure with addiction as there are addicts. Writing a musical and taking it on the road is certainly one of the more unusual methods

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Betty Ford Center to study substance abuse among lawyers.

Practicing law can be stressful, which may be one reason that, historically, lawyers and others in the field have had high rates of substance abuse and mental health issues.

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Top Oregon expert: vote yes to legalized pot

The former director of Oregon’s Addictions and Mental Health Services is volunteering his time to appear in the “Yes on 91” campaign, urging voters in the state to approve legalized marijuana.

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Demi Lovato is ‘living proof’ of a successful life with mental illness

Singer and actress Demi Lovato – who is celebrating her 22nd birthday today – opened up about her experience with mental illness

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Jason’s Transformation

He’s swapped partying on “The Hills” for living soberly with his soul mate. M.T.V. star Jason Wahler discusses addiction, recovery and young love.

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Recovery on Screen: Films (and books) that place recovery center stage

In early recovery especially, it may be easier to stay in with good friends than testing yourself in the bar scene. Grab some popcorn and a cozy blanket, and spend an evening with these movies that are sure to entertain and inspire you.

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Revive Your Recovery

As the summer wraps up and people return to routine, it’s a perfect time to evaluate your recovery. This week we’ll be looking at ways to breathe new life into your journey.

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Stop Self-Sabotaging

Whether by comfort eating, procrastinating or self-medicating, sometimes our failures are caused by our own innate ability to sabotage ourselves. Understanding how and why this happens can take you from self-defeating to self-helping.

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Earthquakes of the Soul

Following trauma’s fault lines may help us find the source of addiction.

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Energy drinks and alcohol are a dangerous mix, study finds

Partiers mix them in order to be able to party longer – but researchers at the University of Michigan have found that consuming energy drinks and alcohol is dangerous, precisely for that reason.

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Kennedy: ‘We have an epidemic of addiction and mental illness.’

Kennedy: ‘We have an epidemic of addiction and mental illness.’

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Better understanding of mental illness, but stigma still exists

Better understanding of mental illness, but stigma still exists

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Remembering Robin Williams

Beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams died Monday at 63, in an apparent suicide.

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Learning from Lance

Teaser: It’s easy to demonize Lance Armstrong for his drug use and his lies. But what does that say about the rest of us?

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Eminem dedicates song to addicts, family members

Rapper Eminem, who began “The Monster Tour” with Rihanna on August 7, took a moment out of his set recently to dedicate a song to people struggling with addition.

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“Why don’t you drink?”

It’s a question you can’t avoid. Here are 12 honest answers to have on hand.

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Positive emotions fuel anorexia, study finds

Women who are suffering from anorexia and are in treatment for the disease continue to experience positive emotions around their extreme weight loss, which can make the disease even tougher to treat, according to a new study

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The Cross-Addiction Conundrum

Where there’s one demon, more lurk in the background. Here’s how to stay on top of your own replacement addictions. by Tracey Dee Rauh

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PGA’s Dustin Johnson expected to enter rehab

Professional golfer Dustin Johnson will miss the rest of the 2014 PGA season to seek professional help after testing positive for cocaine usage.

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Iran opens rehab center

Although drinking is illegal for Muslims under Iran’s strict religious laws, the prohibition is widely ignored.

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Fingernail test IDs drunk drivers in Wisconsin

A new technology is helping to identify people who use drugs and binge drink in Wisconsin.

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Zac Efron opens up about addiction, recovery

Zac Efron was propelled to success as the baby-faced heartthrob in the Disney movie “High School Musical.” But that sudden success didn’t lead to any high notes in his personal life.

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Substance Abuse Administration seeks feedback

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMSHA) is seeking public feedback on its strategic plan for 2015 through 2018.

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Bill aims to give wider access to care

Congress is beginning to act to change a 1965 law.

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Sober Coach on Tour

When you think about the people on a music tour, you probably envision partying artists and groupies, and frantic managers. In recent years, however, the Vans Warped Tour has added another person you might be surprised to learn about: Michael Farr is a sober coach who travels with the touring music and extreme sports festival.

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Nate Lawler, 37, front-man for the punk band Death on Wednesday, is now clean and sober after coming close to losing everything to addictions.

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The biological basis for addiction and mental illness

A large international study has confirmed a biological basis for some mental illnesses and addiction disorders, by identifying specific genes linked to the diseases, according to the BBC.

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The Problem with Pot

With legalized pot – and it’s THC levels – rising quickly, concerns about its effects on society are doing the same. When we give the green light to marijuana use, we may also be failing our people – especially our youth. Experts fear that the Colorado and Washington experiments are the first step to sending our nation up in smoke.

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KoRn Rocker: “Been there, done that … It’s better this way”

Editor’s Note: This is the second of three interviews with musicians who are rocking the stage… and sobriety. Read yesterday’s interview with Marisa Rhodes, and check back tomorrow to hear from Nate Lawler, front-man for the band Death on Wednesday.

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Sobriety, Center stage: How a new generation of musicians is rocking recovery.

SEX, DRUGS, ROCK AND ROLL …SEX, DRUGS, ROCK AND ROLL … It’s a chant that has been ringing out from the stages of concerts and festivals since before the famed Woodstock in 1969. And it’s a combination that has led to doom and untimely death for far too many great talents: Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Dee Dee Ramone, Whitney Houston. The list goes on and on and on.

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Recovery heads to the Cape for CCSAD

Addiction professionals from around the world will be descending on Cape Cod next month for the 27th annual Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders (CCSAD), taking place Sept. 11 to 14 in Hyannis, Mass.

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Assessing “The Situation,” eight months into sobriety

He became famous on “Jersey Shore,” a show based on excess. However, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, 31, is now living a balanced life after tackling his addiction to prescription pills, and he’s sharing his story in a recent issue of People Magazine.

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The latest drug promising teens the “perfect body”

Its no secret that many teenagers will spend hours primping, plucking or pumping iron in an effort to look good. However, now an increasing number of teens are using human growth hormone to try to obtain their “perfect” bodies.

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Outdated law complicates expanded healthcare for addicts

A fifty-year-old law limiting the number of beds in treatment centers that Medicaid covers is hindering the expansion of addiction treatment under the affordable care act, according to an article

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Heroin use best treated with inpatient and outpatient programs

Researchers at Boston Medical Center have found that hospitalized heroin users who receive both inpatient and outpatient therapy are more successful at staying away from the drug after they are discharged.​

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Colorado Pot Use Sky High

Marijuana usage in Colorado – where the drug has been legalized for recreational use – is higher than estimates predicted, according to a study by the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

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Meditation can boost your business, too

Get out of the past and future and into the moment at the office. It will pay off.

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Zac Efron is ready to tell his story

The 'High School Musical' star is speaking out about his battle with drugs and alcohol.

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Awards ceremony images April 22, 2014.

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Scientist locate 'control center'

A new study may have unlocked the key to understanding the physiological mechanism behind alcoholism.

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Take these steps to assess drinking habits

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Here are things to be aware of.

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What has recovery taught you?

Getting sober can be a prickly process. Here's what a few of Renew's regulars have learned along the way.

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The red flag of facial flushing

The medical community has long known that alcohol consumption raises the risk of high blood pressure, but the new information suggests that those who experience flushing after drinking may be at risk with lower consumption levels.

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Research: Pot is making people stupid

Research has demonstrated an association between early marijuana use and low educational attainment.

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Hoffman and the toxicity of “should”

What if your choices were really good ones that paid off well? And you still feel that incessant pounding of the “should” hammer between your ears? I imagine this to be the torment of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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Farewell Philip Seymour Hoffman

The needle takes life of acting great far before his time.

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Useful app for those in recovery

A new app makes your phone a part of your recovery, giving users instant access to things they may need in weak moments, like recovery information, podcasts, and a support team.

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Korn guitarist passing on his story of recovery

Brian 'Head' Welch continues to spread his story of recovery through books and public speaking.

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Doll that won't eat concerns experts

A new doll scheduled to be stocked in toy departments in the spring refuses to eat food by shaking its head from side to side. Some parents find it harmless while others believe it promotes eating disorders.​

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Report: Binge drinking is rampant and doctors don't want to talk about it

A new report released by the Center for Disease Control reveals that at least 38 million Americans are binge drinkers and their doctors aren't talking with them about the dangers of their behavior.

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Theater review: 'Bill W. and Dr. Bob'

Sally Carpenter from writes a review of play about founders of AA.

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Nurofen Plus to get addiction warning label

Nurofen Plus packets will soon be plastered with warning labels in an attempt to stop customers accidentally getting hooked on the tablets.

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How young is too young for holiday cheer?

Parents increasingly letting kids have cocktails at holiday gatherings.

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Back to basics on alcoholism

It's important to revisit the nature of alcoholism, its symptoms and warning signs, for those who need to be reminded, or do not yet understand the disease.

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Have knowledge, still smoking

Widespread warnings about the damage cigarettes cause to health isn't stopping many, many, many people from lighting up. Why? They say it's fun.

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Relapse prevention book getting buzz

Author and recovering alcoholic Scott Stevens' book "Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud: Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety" uses startling statistics and fresh medical discoveries interwoven with his personal account of the disease to identify key stressors that lead to relapse and success factors that help prevent it.

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Research holds new hope for addiction treatment

According to a report at, this new knowledge, released at Neuroscience 2013, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience and the world's largest source of emerging news about brain science and health, may one day lead to non-pharmaceutical interventions and therapies to treat addiction.

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'Wonder Woman' talks of her biggest battle -- with alcoholism

Lynda Carter, more famously known as “Wonder Woman” from 1970s television, opened up about her battle with alcoholism on Sunday night's episode of “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” Carter shared what happened after her iconic role ended in 1979, and in the 1980s when she gave up her Hollywood career and moved to Washington, D.C.

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Beyond Boo! High-risk season for addicts upon us

Halloween isn't all about candy and fun: As a matter of fact, it marks the beginning of the high-risk season for addicts, according to Narconon Freedom Center. Once Halloween ends, must-show holiday parties begin, along with intense end-of-year work demands. Both can result in additional pressure to drink or use.

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Innovations in Addiction for Young People

Turning Point hosts "Innovations in Addiction with Young People: What Works and Why," a daylong seminar featuring educational lectures and program exhibitions. Scheduled from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. 1, the event features keynote presentations by Alan Schwarz from the New York Times, Dr. Tian Dayton and Dr. Pat Dechello.

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A cleaner Korn

Brian 'Head' Welch sees new album as healthy beginning for Korn.

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Porn apps expected to up addictions

By 2017, access to pornography on smartphones and tablets will be available to 250 million people worldwide, and that will make porn addiction an even bigger problem, study says.

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12 Steps to Yoga Nirvana

When your program is going cold, here are steps to turn up the heat.

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Matthew Perry speaks at the Annual Polo in the Palisades Charity Tournament .

Matthew Perry wins service award from Promises at Palisades Charity Tourney

An energetic crowd turned out for the 8th Annual Polo in the Palisades Charity Tournament to benefit women and children in need on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013. Hosted by the Promises Foundation, the event was held at Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades, Calif., and benefited Miriam House. ​

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Study shows similarities in brain waves of alcoholics to porn addicts

Alcoholics and porn addicts have similar brain responses related stimuli, a new study shows.

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High-schoolers binging beyond buzz

Teens downing the drinks fast.

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Another body obsession taking over girls

The "thigh-gap" measure is a new focus among girls, and experts see it revving up eating disorders.

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News we knew: Alcohol changes views of driving drunk

Researchers from the University of Missouri analyzed 82 young adults, comparing their attitudes and willingness to drive drunk on two separate occasions: when they were sober and after drinking moderate amounts of alcohol.

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Kenny Samsom

Ex-Athletes have high rates of addiction

A British survey of 1,200 retired footballers, rugby players, cricketers and jockeys by the players' unions revealed the extent of the challenge facing athletes when they leave their profession, according to a report published at

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Robin Williams

Recovering Robin Williams: 'Regrets don't help.'

Actor and comedian Robin Williams has battled alcoholism and suffered two difficult divorces, but in a recent interview with Parade magazine he says he refuses to dwell on regrets.

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Alcoholism at heart of homeless man's death

The last this sister recalls struggling brother saying is he never wanted to be homeless. That is how he died, his life taken over by alcohol.

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Painkiller addicts turning to heroin

Study suggests as prescription drugs get harder to come by, heroin becomes the next best thing

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Eating disorders, alcoholism have genes in common

Researchers find genetic link between alcoholism and eating disorders.

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Tyson admits depth of problem; asks for forgiveness

Mike Tyson swears he'll "never drink again."

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Fallen fairy tales: Photo exhibit challenges happy endings

A new photo project brings fairy-tale happy endings into the millennium by applying modern-day realities to these classic stories.

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Opiate addiction: It's an epidemic

Just behind car accidents, opioid drug overdoses now rank as the second leading cause of accidental death in the United States, according to a PBS news report. Public officials have classified the problem as “epidemic,” the report says.

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Study confirms what we know: Alcoholics want more, more, more

According to a new study by Prof. Marco Leyton , of McGill University's Department of Psychiatry, people vulnerable to developing alcoholism exhibit a distinctive brain response when drinking alcohol. They love it, and they want more.

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Sobriety is in fashion for Nicole Richie

After a highly public struggle with addictions, Nicole Richie is a clean-and-sober mother of two today.​

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Men's treatment center launches informational website

Laguna Beach Recovery Center, a men's addiction and dual diagnosis treatment facility, has launched a new website for people looking for comprehensive information on addiction, dual diagnosis, recovery and its services.

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Meditation helps curb cigarette cravings.

Instead of lighting that smoke, meditate

A study found that smokers trained with a form of mindfulness meditation known as Integrative Body-Mind Training curtailed their smoking by 60 percent.

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'Glee' is stripped of some of its joy

Cory Monteith's tragic death shocks fans of pop TV show.

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FaceStarve? Social media and eating disorders

Girls who spend lots of time on facebook may be at higher risk for anorexia, study says.

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Running for Recovery: Group logs miles and sober time

Group sneakers up for fitness, fellowship and accountability.

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Former 'Bachelorette' Meredith Phillips puts the bottle down

Meredith Phillips, the former model who starred on "The Bachelorette," has gone public with her story of alcoholism and her decision to enter recovery. Until about six months ago, Phillips, 39, told People magazine she was drinking herself into alcohol-induced oblivion with her drug of choice being wine.

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Scientists discover molecule to fight cocaine use

CGP3466B: It may look like a butt-dialed text, but it's actually a molecule that could help cocaine addicts get clean.

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Photo exhibit and film offer new look at the AA legend

"Bill W. and companion photo exhibition, “The Bill W. Photographic Collection,” off never-before-seen insight into the man behind the legend.

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Habit vs. Addiction

What's the difference between a bad habit and a life-threatening addiction?

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Kelly Osbourne renews commitment every day

'It took every stay to move me to sobriety.'

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Anywhere near beer is too near for Craig Ferguson

Sober since 1992, this comedian and late-night TV show host knows: “If I have a near-beer, I’m near beer. And if I’m near beer, I’m close to tequila. And if I’m close to tequila, I’m adjacent to cocaine.”Recovery Spotlight: Craig Ferguson

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Societal pressures driving mothers to seek comfort in drugs and alcohol

For Mother's Day, the greatest gift is health. Is there someone in your life who has a problem, but is afraid to speak up?

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Money woes feeding porn addiction?

A dramatic rise in viewership indicates that the recession may be leading to port addiction.

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Recovery Spotlight: Caroline Knapp (1959-2002)

Author Caroline Knapp achieved sobriety, then died tragically of lung cancer at the age of 42.

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Celeberity Spotight: Ted Nugent

This classic rocker doesn't drink, drug or smoke cigarettes, and he doesn't want you to, either.

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Techniques for Staying Sober

Whether you are new to recovery and just learning these skills, or have been in recovery for awhile and need a reminder, here are some helpful tips for staying clean, sober and vigilant toward your addiction. ​

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Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert's Blog on his Alcoholism, 2009

This is in memory of the late Roger Ebert (June 18, 1942-April 4, 2013), who wrote this blog entry on on Aug. 25, 2009, The great film critic died of cancer last Thursday. Roger, rest in peace.

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Building group morale: Author offers therapeutic writing class

Writing groups help build community among those in recovery.

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Study looks into why some get addicted

Study attempts to get at who some people become alcoholic and others don't.

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'Help for Today -- Hope for Tomorrow' is Alcohol Awareness Month Theme

Alcohol Awareness Month is geared especially toward educating young people this year. Here's how you can help.

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Dr. Claudia Black keynote speaker at addictions conference

Workshop and speaker event coming up at Timberline Knolls Treatment Center.

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Revisiting Rusell Brand's ingenious piece on Amy Winehouse

This is not a new essay by Russell Brand. He wrote it after the death of Amy Winehouse from an alcohol overdose at age 27. It's so evocative, however, that we must post it here, with credit to The Guardian, where the essay was published on July 11, 2011. Brand's reflections are moving and his message timeless and important for all addicts -- no, everyone -- to read.

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Buzz Bissinger seeks addiction treatment

"Friday Night Lights" author and journalist Buzz Bissinger spent half a million dollars in less than three years as part of a shopping addiction he writes about in a GQ magazine essay published earlier this week.

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month

More than 14 million American adults meet the criteria for alcohol abuse or alcohol dependency, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Yet nine out of 10 individuals with alcoholism won't seek the treatment they need for substance abuse. For more information visit the NCADD website at:

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Rapper Macklemore stays close to AA at festival

Recovering alcoholic Macklemore has found it necessary to stay very close to his recovery program while riding a wave of musical success with his track, "Thrift Shop."

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Recovery Spotlight: Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson embraces his recovery from alcoholism and heroine and cocaine addictions.

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Betty Ford Center intervention training

The Betty Ford Center is offering intervention training and certification presented by Jeff and Debra Jay for clinicians and members of the clergy from June 2-7, 2013.

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Lil Wayne escapes near-death overdose

Following a sizzurp binge, rapper Lil Wayne has reportedly recovered after nearly dying. 'I'm good everybody, Thx for prayers and love," he Tweeted earlier this week.

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Palmetto adds pain med addiction programs

RAYVILLE, La. -- The Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center announced this week that it will offer specialized programs designed to provide support for patients struggling with addiction to prescription pain medications.

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Recovery Spotlight: Craig Ferguson

Sober since 1992, this comedian and late-night TV show host knows: “If I have a near-beer, I’m near beer. And if I’m near beer, I’m close to tequila. And if I’m close to tequila, I’m adjacent to cocaine.”

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Drug Czar to tour Hazelden’s Tribeca Twelve

Hazelden welcomes White House Drug Czar R. Gil Kerlikowski for a tour of Tribeca Twelve, the first collegiate sober housing facility offered in New York City . Accompanying Kerlisowski on the tour at 9 a.m., Friday, March 15, will be Executive Director of Hazelden New York Dr. Barbara Kistenmacher. At Hazelden, Kistenmacher oversees two American Society of Addiction Medicine ...

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Hazelden and Healthworks Northwest combine forces

Hazelden, a national nonprofit addiction treatment provider, is set to open expanded services after joining forces with HealthWorks Northwest, a multidisciplinary medical practice in Beaverton, Ore.. An Open House and ribbon cutting event are scheduled at the new Hazelden Beaverton facility on March 15 from 3 to 6 p.m. The facility is located at 1500 NW Bethany Blvd., Suite 240 in Beaverton.

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Sobriety tops list of Jamie Lee Curtis' accomplishments

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, 54, is a recovering alcoholic and addict who has been clean and sober since 1999. She is dedicated to, and takes pride in, her sober lifestyle. "I work with The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. In an October 2012 interview with Good Housekeeping magazine, she said kicking her addicitons is "the bravest thing she has ever done."

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Author Stephen King lived his own sort of horror

Author Stephen King has published a whopping 50 horror and suspense novels -- and also struggled with plenty of his own demons.

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New Features Coming to the Front Page!

New features are coming to Read on to see how we are providing more rich information for our readers.

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George Harrison succumbed to addiction

he notoriously spiritual -- and high -- George Harrison, and all of his bandmates in The Beatles, freely acknowledged using alcohol and drugs throughout his life. Drugs of choice ranged from pot, to LSD, heroine and cocaine. Harrison got hooked, struggling with various addictions.

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Jim Carrey deeply spiritual, and famously abstinent

Funnyman Jim Carrey doesn’t use substances of any sort to channel his inner comic. “I am very serious about no drugs, no alcohol. Life is too beautiful,” the 50-year-old actor said.

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Former Yankees pitcher says alcohol led to his troubles

Scott Proctor, the right-handed relief pitcher whose baseball career tanked after his 2006 season with the Yankees, has said that it was his alcohol abuse, not problems with the team, that led to his downfall, according to a report from the New York Daily News. Proctor, who is signed with the San Francisco Giants on a minor-league deal, said a serious drinking problem led to his struggles to stay healthy and succeed as a major league pitcher.

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Recovery Spotlight: Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash had addictions to drugs and alcohol. He got sober finally in 1992.

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Study links moms' drinking to sudden infant death

About one in six sudden infant deaths may be linked to their mothers' heavy alcohol use during or soon after pregnancy, according to a new study from Australia. Researchers found those deaths may result from babies being exposed to alcohol in the womb and from alcohol-using mothers creating hazardous environments for the babies after birth, according to a report published by Reuter's news.

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Kelly Osbourne

Recovery Spotlight: Kelly Osbourne

on Feb 27, 2013 04:16 PM

Kelly Osbourne, 28, got sober from painkillers and alcohol. It took several tries, she says. And she re-commits to her recovery every day.

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Recovery Spotlight: Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry, the lovable Chandler Bing from "Friends," has struggled for decades with drug and alcohol addictions.

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Just saying 'Yes?' Be careful what you tell your child about your drug use

Children whose parents freely admit to using drugs showed a higher likelihood to say yes when offered drugs by a friend.

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Recovery Spotlight: Robin Williams

Robin Williams has had a long, and often famous, battle with alcohol and drugs. Today he is among the lucky ones: clean, sober, and still doing the things he loves. He has learned, like everyone in recovery, that you don't have to lose everything, or worse, die. A life without substances is possible.​

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Addiction is second-class citizen in U.S. health-care

A really great editorial from the board at the Star-Ledger in New Jersey. Take a look at their strong insights and powerful research into how health care for addictions is treated differently than any other behavior-related illnesses in our country; and how insurers are getting away with selling us short.​

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Clean and sober Artie Lange back in entertainment

Artie Lange has recovered from a heroine and other drug addictions and alcoholism. Now the stand-up comedian Artie Lange has written a book about his downfall and recovery, is on the radio again and doing live acts. Check out the Associated Press report.

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Porn addiction drives cycle of low self-esteem

Pornography addicts keep returning to pornography to diminish their feelings of worthlessness. Then they feel even more worthless for having given in again to the urge to watch more pornography.

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APPt time for meditation

Transcend for Android (and soon IOS) measures quality of meditation using neuo-feedback research and tools.

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The dangers of social networking

More and more people are exhibiting harmful addictive behavior surrounding Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms.

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Celebrity booksigning at Pasadena Recovery Center

Christopher Kennedy Lawford signed his latest book at the Pasadena Recovery Center recently, in an event attended by Dr. Drew and many others. Pasadena is a location for filming the television hit, "Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehabab."

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Cash for Stopping the Taps

Several Penn State area bars are receiving a $5,000 subsidy from a local group hoping to keep students sober by declaring their establishments nonalcoholic on State Paddy's Day.

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Duran Duran's Taylor wins 'Experience, Strength and Hope"

John Taylor was honored for his memoir, "In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death & Duran Duran," in Los Angeles Feb. 15 at a star-studded event celebrating recovery. Robert Downey, Jr., Ed Begley Jr. & Bobcat Goldthwait presented him with the Writers In Treatment's "Experience, Strength & Hope Award." ​

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Identifying addiction in the medical community

A proposed Maine law would update the language to promote early intervention and discipline for alcohol and drug abusing practitioners.

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One drink a day ups cancer odds

It's not just heavy drinking that leads to cancer. Researchers have found that one drink a day significantly ups the odds, too.

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Detox services diminishing as hospital centers close

Fewer and fewer beds are available in the Boston area and beyond for addicts in need of detoxification services.

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First San Diego woman mayor admits to billion-dollar gambling addiction

Maureen O'Connor promises to pay back $2 million she took from charity to use for gambling.

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Coke, the soda, killed her

A coroner's report reveals that drinking excessive amount of soda killed a mother of eight in 2010.

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Debt hurts your love life

Men, especially, are losing dates due to money constraints

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Commit to doing 'Just One Thing' to raise awareness about eating disorders

Awareness week starts Feb. 24. Help the National Eating Disorders Association with efforts to eradicate these deadly illnesses.

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How to heal trauma? Too few answers, still

A newly released study sponsored by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reveals that when it comes to helping children move beyond trauma, answers are lacking

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The hungry-for-love holiday

Even the most single of the singles seems to want a date for Valentine's Day.

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Seventy-year-old man is yoga world record-breaker

Ommmm: Thirty-eight postures in 30 minutes? It can be done.

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Study: Highest divorce rates among couples where wife is heavy drinker

A new study supports what alcoholics have learned the hard way: When the drinking gets heavy, the marriage drowns -- especially when the woman is downing the alcohol.

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'Call of Duty' ... and other drugs??

Video games might be fun, but new research suggests that there's such a thing as too much fun. Yup, they just might be addictive.

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A brave new project

Photographer Chris Arnade has undertaken a brave and shocking creative project with his series, "Faces of Addiction."

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Education is a life-saver

Awareness of opiod overdoses results in drop of deaths, study says

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Make time for girl time

A survey of women shows that in 2013, spending time with women friends is a huge priority. Making priorities happen, however, takes a bit of planning. Here's how.

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Top 10 Depression Destroyers

It's winter. The days are short. It's dark early. And it's a fact, unless you happen to live on the other side of the world.

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'The Playroom': Must-see cinema for ACOAs

Plenty of people in recovery will relate to Director Julia Dyer's suburban family entrenched in alcoholism.​

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Novelist Ann Leary

Novelist Ann Leary admits 'I'm definitely an alcoholic'

Best-selling novelist Ann Leary has opened up about her battle with alcohol and admitted: ‘I’m definitely an alcoholic’.

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Researchers: Shame leads to alcohol relapse

Body language has a lot to say about relapse, according to a recent study released by the University of British Columbia. Slumped shoulders, narrow chests and other physical manifestations of shameful feelings can directly predict a relapse in addicts and alcholics, the university reported in an news release detailing the findings of the study, which explored drinking and health outcomes in newly sober recovering alcoholics.

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Football great Earl Campbell to share his rise over addiction

Austin Recovery has announced that famed University of Texas Longhorn Running Back and Hall of Fame Houston Oiler, Earl Campbell, will be the keynote speaker at their speaker series luncheon this spring.

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From the Publisher: Why We Went All-Digital

Jim Moorhead, Renew publisher and president, outlines the evolution of Renew Media.

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Renew goes all-digital in 2013

Big changes are happening at Renew. Get all the info here.

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Valued Renew members: We're going all-digital. Here's what you need to know

In 2013 Renew is making a lot of exciting changes, including moving to all digital. If you are a current Renew subscriber, here is all you'll need to know regarding the updates. Be well, Team Renew.

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5 Unbeatable Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Check out this five tips from Kim Isaacs, coauthor of The Career Change Résumé: How to Reinvent Your Résumé and Land Your Dream Job.

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How stressed are you?

Here are common stressors for people in recovery. If you are facing one or more of these life events, then you may be under more stress than you recognize.

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Mocktails got you down? Try a Liz Scott original.

If you feel an alcohol-free copycat has you yearning for the leaded version, refrain from the mocktail and instead enjoy on of these Liz Scott original recipes.

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How To Coming Clean to Yourself and Others

When coming clean with dishonestly, consider these steps.

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Replacing prison terms with drug abuse treatment could save billions in criminal justice costs

Sending drug abusers to community-based treatment programs rather than prison could help reduce crime and save the criminal justice system billions of dollars, a new study shows.

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How to handle a loved one’s treatment

The decision to seek treatment is scary enough for the person attempting to change their life. But what about the people they leave at home?

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Watch of for These Medicines

Be cautious of these medicines for trigger-free colds

Many common cold, flu and allergy medications, including antihistamines, decongestants, liquid forms of fever reducer and pain reliever and expectorants, contain alcohol. And even the slightest bit of alcohol can be enough to awaken cravings.

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DEA: Let pharmacies, police accept unused controlled substances

New proposals would give the public more options to properly dispose of unwanted controlled substances such as oxycodone.

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Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was never the man we thought he was, but what does that say about any of us?

Renew Editor at Large Laurie Dhue gives her take on the Lance Armstrong story.

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10 basics to weave into addiction discussions with your children

When you’re about to sit down and have the big, bad addiction conversation with your kids, you’re filled with questions. Here are 10 must-haves in the conversation.

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Get happy about positive sobriety

Over the years, experts have learned many things about addiction treatment including how to move beyond abstinence and onto a path toward optimal well-being.

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Improve your health and wellness with these breathing exercises

Here’s how to make each inhalation and exhalation really count.

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Six sensible nutrition tips for post-rehab nutrition

Follow these six nutritional guidelines post-rehab and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.​

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A Dickens of a Christmas Carol

Andrew Lindberg takes a new look at the holiday classic.

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Your 10 favorite Renew articles from 2012

What a year 2012 was. Here are Renew's most popular features and articles from the entire year.

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Renew launches online tool for those struggling and looking for addiction treatment

Renew is proud to announce the launch of the Renew Treatment Finder, a free online guide that empowers people facing addiction to find the answers they need and locate the addiction treatment program that’s right for them.

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12 recovery pitfalls

These are the 12 most common ways forces manifest themselves and sabotage recovery in the first two years.​

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Marathon online holiday meetings from InTheRooms

InTheRooms is providing online meetings on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Check out the schedule here.

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Four Recovery Memoirs Your Can't Miss

Why everyone should read these four recovery memoirs.

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Youth addiction advice from a veteran parent

If your child is struggling with addiction you might feel isolated and alone, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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Relationship Revival

Revive you relationship, one step at a time

Like recovery, reviving a relationship is best done one step at a time. Here are five ways for couples to chart a return to trust and intimacy.

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Be the holiday support for your loved one

If someone you know is embarking on the holidays and are trying to protect their sobriety, show your support. Here's how.

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Holiday conflict: How to handle it, how to avoid it

Here are some skills to exercise in order to not only handle holiday stress, but to also avoid sticky situations.

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Military cracks down on alcohol abuse amid age-old binge habit

Officials within the U.S. military are actively targeting over-boozing troops at home and abroad, but addiction specialists and service members say binge drinking remains as rampant as ever.

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Loneliness can be dangerous to your recovery. Here are 6 tips to fight off isolation.

Here are some concrete action steps you can take to keep yourself out of or to help you get out of isolation and loneliness.

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Know the differences between your Addicted and Recovery Self

Here are some self cues of your addicted and recovery self to give you powerful motivation to stay the course—no matter what, embrace your Recovery Self.

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5 ways to strengthen your memory muscle

Studies suggest boosting brainpower can keep you clean. To strengthen your recall, try these five memory exercises.

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9 tips to break the need to control

Here are nine simple ways to start the process of letting go from licensed psychotherapist and recovery life coach Sherry Gaba.

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Why we can’t get complacent in our recovery

Without engaging in mindfulness through regular, ongoing recovery check-ins and honest self-evaluation, we run the risk of relapse.

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In The Rooms grants you all-access to holiday support meetings

Looking for a way to get to a support meeting during the holidays? In The Rooms has got you covered.​

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Strengthen your recovery with the therapy of music

If you’re looking for something to add another level to your recovery, calm your soul and release creative energy, don’t overlook a simple tune of music.

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Gabor Maté on the power of addiction and addiction to power

Addictions are powerful, and the question is: Why? Gabor Maté takes on the task.

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Supportive text messages may improve chances of quitting smoking

Smokers trying to quit may be helped by receiving supportive text messages, a review of studies suggests.​

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4 better pain relief choices instead of meds

Here are four pain management alternatives to swallowing a pill for those concerned about jeopardizing their recovery.

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7 simple ways to find serenity

Here are ways to help keep stress from sabotaging your sobriety.

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Sober Sex: Why it doesn’t have to freak you out

Dr. David Sack outlines six suggestions on how to approach sober sex while in recovery.

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Optimism can be a learned behavior. Here’s how.

Here are five steps to change your way of thinking for the better.

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How to broach the issue of relapse with a loved one

Here’s how to cope when someone you care about verges on relapse.

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What you'll find on the #Gratitude Instagram tag

What does gratitude look like to you? Here's what Instagram users had to say.

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Who are your true friends? Recovery will tell you

Take away the charm-inducing common ground of drugs and alcohol, and those in recovery often find themselves void of true connections. Here's why.

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How to handle the holidays and unsupportive friends

Dr. David Sack takes on Renew reader questions about addiction, recovery and how to deal.

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Don’t trade in one addiction for another

A letter of warning to all people in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction or to those who know someone in recovery. Do not gamble.

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Get a handle on your emotions to prevent relapse

Recovery isn’t about avoiding mistakes or difficult emotions. It’s about confronting our past and honestly assessing our emotions in a safe and accepting environment.

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Alcohol discussion on tap for Drinking Diaries Twitter Party

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST, you can share your experiences with alcohol during a Drinking Diaries Twitter Party.

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Steps to find freedom in forgiveness

While forgiveness doesn’t happen overnight and is a process you may need to revisit often throughout your life, the good news is that there are steps you can follow.

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How journaling can be a powerful tool for your recovery

Journaling is an easy, inexpensive, personal and private way to communicate honestly, explore your feelings and track your progress.

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Three steps to becoming your own positive force

You can change—and feel noticeably more positive— in about five weeks by following these three simple steps.

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Special places to find gratitude

Where do you go to feel a sense of gratitude, serenity or peace in your life?

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Dr. Drew, Bob Forrest holding Q&A following film screening at Pasadena Recovery

Pasadena Recovery Center is holding a special screening of the award-winning documentary, Bob and the Monster, at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 5.

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Replacing addiction with a healthy obsession

In his memoir, The Long Run, Mishka Shubaly chronicles his journey from drunk to ultra-runner. The author sobered up by running five miles at a time, then 10, then 50.

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16 videos to restore your faith in the world

Here at, we’ve scoured the web to bring you 16 video clips that will surely make your day.

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Dr. Drew tackles ‘Deadly Dose’

Dr. Gupta and HLN’s Dr. Drew Pinsky discuss the prescription drug problem that’s plaguing society.

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Prescription drug overdose: Facts and myths

One person dies from a drug overdose every 19 minutes. Here are facts and myths you need to know about prescription drug overdose.

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Memphis race officials hope to help de-stigmatize addiction and mental illness

Memphis’ upcoming Heroes in Recovery 6K Run and Walk is not only a fundraiser for Serenity Recovery Centers, it's also an effort to eliminate the social stigma associated with mental illness and addictions.​

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Business looks to cash in on drug- and ‘Breaking Bad’-related merchandise

An Albuquerque-based spa products firm is now selling blue meth-looking bath salts as an ode, they say, to the TV series Breaking Bad.

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Review: Film ‘Flight’ explores depths of alcoholism

Movie critic Sean P. Means of The Salt Lake Tribune gives you his take on the movie Flight, and its exploration into the complexities of alcoholism.

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Record number of prescription painkiller overdose deaths reported in Iowa

Painkiller abuse is the biggest emerging substance abuse threat in Iowa.

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Ricki Lake Show lifts veil on addicted housewives

More and more seemingly successful stay-at-home moms are silently suffering from some form of addiction, and this week The Ricki Lake Show takes on the little-talked about issue.

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Alcohol-free pub planned for Wales

Cardiff, Wales, is planning to open its first booze-free pub to help fund a revolutionary project to tackle drug and alcohol addiction in the capital.

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A permanent badge of recovery

Sobriety tattoos allow those in recovery to permanently wear a remembrance of rising from the ashes.​

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3 first steps to setting healthy boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is a necessity for anyone traveling down the recovery path. Here are the first three steps.

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'Teen Mom 2' star says she continues to fight for sobriety

Jenelle Evans says she is looking ahead to a future that doesn't involve more rehab.

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Kirstie Alley: Scientology saved me from cocaine addiction

Although at first actress Kirstie Alley thought Scientology was a scam, she says in the end it played a part in saving her from a life-threatening cocaine addiction.

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WEG Health announces Health Activist Awards: Time to send your nominations

With its 2012 Health Activist Awards, WEG Health seeks to honor those who commit to online health communities.

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20 rules of the recovery road

Addiction is chaos. Arm your family against it with Assistance in Recovery’s 20 Rules of the Road.

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Colorado, Washington pass marijuana legalization; Oregon says no

Three states voted on referendums Tuesday on legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

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Break depression’s icy grip

Recovering addicts may be more susceptible to winter depression. Here’s how to get back into the light.

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Hazelden to enhance treatment methods in response to national opioid epidemic

Hazelden, provider of addiction treatment and education, announced this week it is taking comprehensive action to address the nation's growing tide of addiction to prescription painkillers.

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18 of the best recovery-related Tweeters worth following

Here are 18 people who help us stay the course every day. Each of these Tweeps can provide helpful information, inspiration or a virtual shoulder to lean on.

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Caffeine – its perks and problems

Coffee — it’s a recovery meeting staple. But when it comes to caffeine, how much is too much?

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Exercise connected to decreased cigarette cravings

Feeling the pang of a cigarette craving? Perhaps taking a jog or heading to the gym may help, Reuters reports.

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Social scene: Friendly House names Viola Davis Woman of the Year

Tony winner and Academy Award nominee Viola Davis was honored last weekend during the 23rd annual Friendly House Awards Luncheon as Woman of the Year.

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Eight Habits to Kick Today

This Recovery Month, take time to care for yourself.

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Veterans with heavy alcohol use history more likely to seek treatment

New research has found that male military veterans who have a history of heavy alcohol use are more likely to seek treatment and — later — report better overall health and less depression than civilians.​

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How to get to a fellowship meeting during Storm Sandy

If you need to get to a meeting during Storm Sandy, you can reach out via online while still staying safe at home.

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Now what? Answering the most important question of all with William Cope Moyers.

Renew Editorial Director Steve Diogo caught up with William C. Moyers recently at his home in St. Paul, Minn., to discuss the new book and what Moyers sees as the core challenges facing the recovery movement in the United States.

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Inside Job: ‘Memoirs of an Addicted Brain’

A scientist and recovered addict provides a guided tour through the personal and neurochemical pathways of addiction.

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5 Herbs to cleanse your liver

For many in recovery, the liver needs some serious TLC. Thankfully, there are a number of natural herbs for liver cleansing.

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Hazelden acquires college health program MyStudentBody

Hazelden has announced its acquisition of MyStudentBody, the most comprehensive online alcohol and drug education program for college students.

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Study finds growing number of U.S. substance abuse diagnoses

The number of drug and alcohol problems diagnosed by U.S. doctors increased by 70 percent in an 8-year span, according to new research. The rise may be the result of growing painkiller abuse.

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Red Ribbon Week: Bringing youth drug prevention to light

The National Family Partnership has announced that its national contest for the 27th annual Red Ribbon Week — which kicked off this week and extends until the end of October — is now live.

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Good form will carry you through – Fitness tips from Coach Brendan

This year, Coach Cournane is organizing a training program and destination run to bring runners in recovery together.

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