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Laurie Dhue joins Renew magazine>Laurie Dhue Joins Renew Magazine as Editor at Large

"Former CNN, Fox and CNBC newscaster Laurie Dhue has taken another step in embracing her role as a champion of addiction recovery by joining Renew Media as Editor at Large for Renew Magazine and"

>Approaching 2013 Kicks Off Third Successful Year for Renew magazine

"Renew magazine, the No. 1 magazine and resource for the recovery community, is happy to announce its upcoming third year of production."

>TV personality and chef Andrew Zimmern shares candid recovery story with Renew

"Andrew Zimmern is best known as the guy who will eat anything on the Travel Channel’s hit show Bizarre Foods, but the James Beard Award-winner, TV personality, chef, writer and teacher shows a different side debuting on the cover of Renew magazine, candidly sharing his personal recovery story."

>Getting your loved one into drug rehab; An addiction interventionist can help

"An addiction interventionist is indeed a pro — every bit as important as the Cardiac Case Manager for someone struggling in recovery from COPD. S/he provides health care structure not only for the patient but for the family too. I asked James Moorhead, Founder and Publisher of Renew Magazine."

>What to Read After You've Stopped Drinking

"Written for addicts in recovery, Renew could be described as niche journalism except that “niche” profoundly understates the potential audience."

>Ex-Miss USA Tara Conner Turns Things Around

"Conner has changed things so much that she’s actually helping fight the battle against drug abuse these days, working as a consultant for Caron Treatment Centers, as well as appearing in September/October’s edition of Renew, a magazine about recovery from addiction."

>Print Publishing Chases the Addiction Market

"What makes Renew different from the AA Grapevine or any other AA-related literature? For one, the glossy’s jocular but informative tone. It’s neither a gossip rag nor a dreary medical journal, neither dry AA tome nor sensationalistic addiction memoir. Its subjects range from fitness to travel to finance, all seen through the lens of recovery, and all written in an engaging, encouraging voice."

>An Alcoholic’s Journey To Renew

"In 2007, Mr. Moorhead enrolled in Sierra Tuscon, a rehab program in Arizona. And while he was going to meetings and learning to stay sober—to really stay sober—he thought of an idea for a magazine and website that would serve the tens of millions of Americans like himself in recovery."

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