18 of the best recovery-related Tweeters worth following it comes to thriving in the recovery community and finding like-minded support, we could all use a little help.

That’s what’s great about fellowship meetings, social networks focused on recovery — like InTheRooms — and other online connections. Twitter is a great tool to connect and share, all with the option of anonymity. From inspirational quotes to recovery-related chats and news, it’s an easy place to reach out for support and promote recovery.

Here are 18 people who help us stay the course every day. Each of these Tweeps can provide helpful information, inspiration or a virtual shoulder to lean on.  

Who did we miss? Tell us in the comments!


@AddictionChat hosts a weekly #AddictionChat every Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST. Each week there is a different topic and a guest speaker — or Tweeter — at least once a month. Simply use the hashtag #AddictionChat to join in.


@Guinevere 64 runs the popular blog, writing about  #addiction and #recovery. You can also read her features from @TheFix and @RenewEveryDay.

U.S. Drug Policy @ONDCP

Keep up with U.S. drug policy and the effort to restore balance to U.S. drug control through a public health and safety approach.


Maintained by Dan Gamito, associate editor, here’s a great place to gain psychology and mental health information and support.

Brené Brown @BreneBrown

Brené Brown is a vulnerability researcher at the University of Houston, Hazelden author and an inspiring writer and speaker. She studies shame, empathy and courage.

InspiredSobriety  @iSobriety

You can follow Renew Media’s very own Editorial Director who also describes himself as a writer, editor, sober evangelist and blogger —

In The Rooms @intherooms

Follow the global recovery community on Twitter and you’ll always know when the next online meeting is.

Faces & Voices of Recovery @FACESandVOICES

Faces & Voices is a national recovery advocacy group with the goal to end stigma and discrimination against people in or seeking recovery.

Betsey DeGree @momoffmeth

Mom Off Meth blog writer, Betsey Degree, described herself as a woman in long-term recovery, airing her real, dirty laundry regarding her addiction and recovery. Betsey also contributes weekly to Renew.

Queer & Sober @queerandsober

This nonprofit organization highlights the best of sober and clean living with a focus on the LGBT community. As the organization says, “Getting sober doesn't mean the party's over ... the party is JUST beginning!”

Renew at @RenewEveryDay

Forgive the plug, but following Renew on Twitter – or any of our other social media networks — keeps you connected to the Renew team and the news and features important to the recovery community.


Sobriety Addict writer, Rachael Ekinci, is also the author and owner of, which provides people with information about substance abuse, addiction, and treatment and gives people a place to share their stories or struggles.She was awarded the Unsung Hero 2012 by Caron Foundation. Taughinbaugh @treatmenttalk

Cathy Taughinbaugh is a life and recovery coach and founder of Treatment Talk. She’s a mom who has been on a journey with her children, learning about addiction, recovery and miracles.

HuffPost Living @HealthyLiving

The Huffington Post's Healthy Living page is dedicated to being the go-to site for information and news about health and wellness.

Dan Griffin @12stepsformen

Dan isthe author of A Mans Way through the Twelve Steps and Helping Men Recover. You can read Dan’s Renew blog, “Real Men, Real Recovery,” here.

Heroes in Recovery @HeroesNRecovery

Heroes in Recovery challenges the stigma associated with the word addiction, because every person who takes a step toward change is a hero.

Patty Powers @sobercoachnyc

Patty Powers is a writer and sober coach with the A&E series Relapse.

Dr. David Sack @DrDavidSack

Dr. Sack, board-certified in Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry, discusses latest trends in addiction treatment.




Omar Manejwala, M.D.  2533 days ago

Great find...I was following many of these but found some great new folks as well. My own tweets are focused on evidence-based addiction treatment and recovery. Nice compilation! @DrManejwala

Omar Manejwala, M.D.  2533 days ago

That's a great list...I was following most of them but found a few new pearls. Nice compilation! My tweets focus on the science of addiction and recovery. @DrManejwala

Dr Dawn Nickel  2534 days ago

Great list! Thanks so much.

Bonnie  2536 days ago

@Helicopter__Mom is another powerful one to follow

Bonnie  2536 days ago

Great list - we follow almost all of these! I do the twitter for @herrenproject & @goprojectpurple - these are the Herren Project foundation started by former NBA player Chris Herren which helps people get treatment, recovery & raising awareness & education on substance abuse & its biggest initiative Project Purple. Project Purple will launch its 2nd yr January 2013 reaching schools & people across the country to be sober & wear purple. Please check out the websites! They are doing amazing things! &

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